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Cultural Events

Attendance and Credit

Cultural Events Calendar

The official Cultural Events Calendar lists all of the events for the current semester.

University Events Calendar

The University Events Calendar is a searchable version. You can search the calendar by date or event type in order to pull up a list of events specific to your criteria.

Attendance Policy and Guidelines for Credit:

  1. To receive credit for attending an in-person event, students must sign in and out with their student IDs. Attendance is typically taken by the Cultural Event monitors who electronically scan student ID cards outside the event area before and after each event. Students are responsible for bringing their student ID cards to each event and remembering to sign in and out. Students who lose or misplace their student ID cards and would like to receive credit for their attendance must ask the Cultural Event Monitor(s) for an attendance slip prior to the start of the event.
  2. To receive credit for attending a live virtual event, students must enable their webcams for the entire duration of the event. Registration for online events will be made available through the Cultural Events calendar.
  3. Students must be on time for events. Students who arrive late or leave early - including those who are dismissed for misconduct - will not receive credit for their attendance.
  4. Students who are new to classical music performances are asked to review the Welcome Guide to Classical Concerts (PDF - 62.0K)
  5. Once an event begins, no personal electronic devices may be used at any time during the program. Any student caught using personal electronic devices will be subject to removal from the event and will not be given credit for their attendance.
  6. Only one ID will be scanned or one slip collected per student.
  7. Students must arrive early in order to be guaranteed admittance. In the event of limited seating or space, admittance will be on a first come, first served basis. Students turned away will not receive credit for that event.
  8. Once the event begins, no student ID cards will be scanned or slips passed out - no exceptions.
  9. When the event is over, scanning of IDs and/or collection of slips will be done.
  10. Occasionally, an event must be cancelled or rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances. Every attempt will be made to notify students of any cancellations. If an event is cancelled, details regarding the event will be removed from the Cultural Events calendar. (No credit will be given for an event that does not take place.) If an event is rescheduled, the calendar will be updated to reflect the new time/date and location of the event.
  11. The event details (e.g., time/date and location) listed on the Cultural Events calendar are subject to change. Please check the calendar often, as information may be updated daily.
  12. Students will receive only one (1) credit for attending a Cultural Event unless otherwise stated on the Cultural Events calendar.
  13. Students will not receive additional credit for attending the same event more than once.
  14. Students may receive up to ten (10) credits [in total] for participating in Cultural Events sponsored by the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA). These include, but are not limited to: theatre productions, dance performances, concerts and recitals, and art exhibitions. However, they are highly encouraged to earn credit through events in which they are not participating.
  15. Students may not earn more than half of their total number of required Cultural Event credits through a single event (e.g., a trip, conference, etc.).

Last Updated: 7/29/20