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Cultural Events

Sponsor a Cultural Event

Purpose of Application

This application is designed to propose to the Cultural Events Committee events that could be included in the Cultural Events Calendar and would count toward students' cultural events requirements. Requests for credit approval should be submitted to the committee at least one month before the event is to take place.   

Please Note: In order to have an event considered for cultural event approval, sponsors must submit the approval request 4-6 weeks PRIOR to the date of the event.  You may find out when the next committee meeting date will take place by checking the events calendarAll other submission deadlines and committee meeting dates for this semester can be found on the Committee page.

(Please Note:A space request must be made in advance for all on-campus events.)

The individual in charge of each cultural event assumes the following responsibilities:

  1. They will be in attendance at the event,
  2. They will notify the cultural events office immediately of any cancellations or changes involving the event,
  3. They will handle any discipline problems which arise during the event,
  4. They will supervise the limiting of the crowd in the event of overcrowding. If the sponsor of the event is not willing to assume these responsibilities another faculty, staff, or graduate assistant must assume the responsibilities.

Events that are selected will be chosen from areas such as plays, films, art exhibitions, dance and musical performances, or from lectures of general appeal.

INFORMATION THAT WILL SUBSTANTIATE THE ABOVE STATEMENT WILL ASSIST THE COMMITTEE IN MAKING A DECISION. Please attach a detailed description of the event if it is not self-evident by its title, as well as supporting information about the performer(s) or speaker(s).

If yes, please take time to explain fully how this event satisfies the University’s definition of a global learning cultural event. The definitions of “global” and “global learning cultural event” are available on the approval process of sponsors page.

Is this a family-friendly event?
Is there an admission charge for this event?


Last Updated: 11/26/19