Winthrop University: Cultural Events - Frequently Asked Questions

Cultural Events

Frequently Asked Questions

 How many Cultural Events do I need to attend in order to graduate?

  • To see how many Cultural Event events you are required to attend, sign into Degree Works. This number is listed at the top of the 'Worksheets' page. [Note: In general, first-time freshmen are required to attend 18 Cultural Events by the end of their final term in order to graduate. However, transfer students receive an adjustment of the Cultural Events requirement based on their total number of transfer credits.]

How do I receive credit for attending a Cultural Event?

  • In order to receive credit for attending a Cultural Event, you must:
    • Have your student ID card scanned by the Cultural Event Monitors before and after the event, or
    • Fill out an attendance slip at the beginning of the event and turn it in at the end. [Note: These are distributed by the Cultural Event Monitors at each event.]

Does the length of the event determine how many credits I will receive?

I was a few minutes late for an event. Can I still receive credit for my attendance?

  • No. Students who arrive late to events (even by just one minute) or leave early will not be able to receive credit for their attendance. Student ID cards will not be scanned during the event, nor will any attendance slips be distributed/collected. Therefore, students are responsible for arriving on time to all events and remaining until the end. The Cultural Event Monitors are instructed to stop taking attendance when the event starts (e.g., when a performer enters the stage, a curtain is raised, a lecturer walks to the podium, a film starts, etc.) and to start again only when it ends.

How can I keep track of which Cultural Events I have attended?

  • To see how many Cultural Events you have attended, log in to Wingspan. There, under the 'Home' tab, in the 'Channels' section, click on 'Cultural Events' and your attendance history will be displayed. [Note: You will only be able to view events which you have received credit for attending. If you see any events missing from this list, please contact the Cultural Events Coordinator for assistance.]

How can I find out more information about an event and/or reserve seats?

  • The Cultural Events calendar lists details about each event, including a contact number. For more information about the event and/or to reserve seats, please call the number for that event. If you are unable to get in contact with the event organizer, please contact the Cultural Events Coordinator for assistance.

Is there a way for me to receive Cultural Event credit for past experiences?

  • Yes. Students can petition to receive Cultural Event credit for past experiences that are considered to be culturally significant. These include, but are not limited to: on-campus events, off-campus events, travel experiences, military experiences (student veterans), and portfolios of experiences (post-traditional students). [Note: All experiences must be post high school.]


















Last Updated: 11/26/19