Winthrop University: Cultural Events - Off-Campus

Cultural Events

Options for Petitions

The following include a selection of off-campus events/locations which students have received Cultural Event credit for attending/visiting in the past. In order to receive credit for these, students must submit a Cultural Events petition. These petitions are assumed to be approved, provided that students submit a well-written report along with proof of attendance. These are only suggestions and are not meant to be all-inclusive nor to eliminate other similar events.

Proof of attendance would be a ticket stub or, if free, a program from the event along with a photo of the student at the event.

    Attendance at any dance performance by the following listed groups or types of production companies would qualify.

    Community Dance Troupes

    Professional Dance Troupes

    NOTE: Dance recitals by local or area studios where the performers are children are not acceptable.

    This includes attendance at classical or true jazz programs by professional, community, or college groups. For example, Lilith Fair would not be an approved performance, nor would a performance by Jimmy Buffett, Randy Travis, or The Rolling Stones. However, performances by Wynton Marsalis or Yo-Yo Ma would be approved. Any solo recitals by professional performers or those sponsored by a college are acceptable.

    Community Groups

    Professional Groups

    NOTE: Music programs by high school (or any lower school) or church choir performances are not acceptable.

    Attendance at any performance of a theatre production or musical by the following listed groups or types of production companies would qualify.

    College Productions

    • College productions are appropriate. Not acceptable are high school (or any lower school) productions or church productions. Children's theatre productions are generally not approved.

    Community Theatre Productions

    Professional Theatre Productions



Last Updated: 5/25/21