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Core Writing Courses

Effective communication is one of the four University Level Competencies all Winthrop students must achieve. Students take three General Education Core Classes to help them achieve this competency: Writing 101 (WRIT 101), Human Experience 102 (HMXP 102), and Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing 201 (CRTW 201). Students are also required to take an Intensive Writing Course and an Oral Intensive Course before they graduate; a number of courses across campus have these designations, but many students take WRIT 465, "Preparation for Oral and Written Reports," to fulfill both requirements. The following links provide access to materials for these specific courses.

WRIT 101 and CRTW 201 are taught by English Department faculty, and Dr. Kelly Richardson is the Director of Composition. Course overrides are handled by Dr. Casey A. Cothran,  to request one, please complete the Override Request Form. HMXP 102 is staffed by faculty across campus under the supervision of University College; please direct inquiries about this course to the Director of HMXP, Katarina Moyon


For more information on Core Writing Courses, please contact:
Dr. Kelly Richardson - Professor of English and Director of Composition

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