English Student Organizations

The Literary Society

The Literary Society is the oldest continuously-active student organization at Winthrop University; its slogan is "Making Reading Sexy since 1888." You needn't be an English major to join!  At our semi-monthly meetings, we hold short story discussions, exploring various avenues of literary criticism and developing events, such as planning lectures and readings. Read more about The Literary Society.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Campbell

The Anthology: Winthrop's Literary Magazine

The Anthology is published once a year and accepts poetry, essays, fiction, photographs, and drawings. Many students interested in literary publishing and editing begin their professional careers by working on this magazine, gaining valuable experience and portfolio materials. Read more about student media at Winthrop University.

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Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. Its purpose is to bestow distinction upon undergraduates, graduates, and scholars in all academia, as well as upon professional writers who have realized accomplishments in linguistic or literary realism of the English language. Their Literary Halloween Party is always one of the highlights of the Department's social calendar. Read more about Sigma Tau Delta.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leslie Bickford

Student NCTE Affiliate at Winthrop University

Anyone who is interested in English Education and is a student at Winthrop (full or part-time) can join NCTE at Winthrop University. This group, which was the first chartered NCTE Affiliate in South Carolina, helps prepare students for careers in teaching through networking, in-service presentations, trips, and scholarly opportunities like the Banned Books Reading. Learn more about the National Council of Teachers of English at Winthrop University.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Allan Nail

Expressive Arts in Health Care Volunteer Organization

Many students in the department exercise their creativity by providing expressive arts activities in the hospital, hospice, and assisted living facilities in order to uplift the patient through their healing. Read more about the Expressive Arts in Health Care group here.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary E. Martin