Literary Studies Specialization

The English Major at Winthrop University gives our students a broad range of educational experiences; it also encourages students to make personal choices about what they want to read and study. Most of our students will enjoy a variety of classes and topics, taking risks, experimenting with new sorts of courses each semester. Nevertheless, despite our emphasis on variety, it is possible for an individual student to design a focused course of study within the major. If you want to go on to get an M.A. or Ph. D. in Literature, if you want to hone your reading skills in preparation for law school or for work as a professional editor, or if you simply want to read and study literature as much as you can because you love it, you might consider the course pathway below.

For a B.A. in English in Preparation for an M.A./Ph.D. in Literature

From the Foundations:

  • 291: Introduction to the English Major
  • One from 203: Major British Authors, 211: Major American Authors, or 208: Foundations of World Literature

From the Frameworks:

  • ENGL 300: Approaches to Literature (Critical Theory)

From the Strategic, Creative, and Critical Communication Category:

  • ENGL 507: History and Development of Modern English
  • ENGL 530: Grammar in Theory and Practice

From the Critical Reading and Research Category:

  • Two additional Foundation survey courses (203: Major British Authors, 211: Major American Authors, or 208: Foundations of World Literature)
  • ENGL 305: Shakespeare is recommended

Additional Recommendations:

  • Select multiple 500-level courses and select ENGL courses from a broad range of genres and literary periods in order to prepare adequately for the GRE.
  • Consider selecting at least one rhetoric, composition theory, or digital media course

We offer literature courses from medieval literature all the way to contemporary literature. Students may take classes that focus on poetry, African American literature, adolescent literature, Jane Austen, and more.

Winthrop's B.A. to M.A. Program

Save money and time by staying at Winthrop an extra year. You can take classes that count toward both your B.A. and M.A. You can find more information on the accelerated program here.

Requirements for Admission:

  • An overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.25 in English courses
  • Completed a minimum of 75 credit hours
  • Completed at least two of the following: ENGL 203, 208, 211
  • Be enrolled in ENGL 300 or have completed it with a grade of B or better
  • Be enrolled in or have completed at least one 500-level ENGL course with a grade of B or better
  • Completed a foreign language through the 102 level

To Help You Reach Admission Requirements:

  • Prioritize completing two of our Foundations courses early on (ENGL 203, 208, 211)
  • Complete or enroll in ENGL 300 by your junior year
  • Complete or enroll in one 500-level ENGL course in your junior year
  • Complete a foreign language through the 102 level by the end of your junior year