Department of English at Winthrop - Student Learning Outcomes for Graduate Students


Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate Program

Master of Arts in English (M.A.)

The M.A. in English is an intensive graduate program that facilitates the career advancement and intellectual development of teachers, future Ph.D.s, and lifelong learners in a community environment where students and faculty motivate and inspire one another.

  • By completion of the M.A. in English, students will demonstrate knowledge of various forms of written texts (including fiction, poetry, drama, essay, and other literary genres); major periods in the history of English, American, and world literature in terms of cultural contexts, styles, dominant genres, language, and subject matter.
  • By completion of the M.A. in English, students will also exhibit the ability to apply various critical perspectives toward a variety of texts and to use standard reference tools, methods, and forms of documentation used in scholarly research.
  • By completion of the M.A. in English, students will be able to present orally the findings of research and critical analysis; write research papers and critical analyses on appropriate topics from language, composition, literature, or pedagogy; produce publishable level of critical, creative, and/or pedagogical materials; sustain a high standard of written expression in lengthy critical or creative works; and demonstrate synthesizing skills through a comprehensive final examination.

Last Updated: 8/1/19