General Education Core

The General Education Core (ACAD 101, WRIT 101, HMXP 102, CRTW 201), collectively forms the basis of deeper learning and academic progress. The courses in the Core will acquaint students with academic writing and critical thinking and will build capacities that students will use throughout their university experience and their adult lives.

Students should enroll in WRIT 101 during their first semester at Winthrop University. In order to stay on track for degree completion, students are encouraged to successfully complete WRIT 101, HMXP 102, and CRTW 201 early in their academic careers.

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Freshman Year Seminar: Principles of the Learning Academy

The freshman year seminar course, Principles of the Learning Academy (ACAD 101) is required for all first-time entering freshmen. The goals of this course are to introduce first-year students to the concepts, resources, and skills necessary for successful higher learning and to facilitate the student's adjustment to and engagement in the class and university. ACAD 101 carries one hour of credit. Classes generally meet twice a week in small groups with a seminar director and peer mentor the first part of the semester.