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The Department of English is committed to providing its students with the best quality of advising our faculty can offer. When you declare a major in English, you will be assigned to an advisor who is familiar with the program of study you are completing. You should make a point of meeting that advisor as soon as you can, and keeping in touch with him or her throughout your career in the Department. You can also talk to Ms. Evelyne Weeks, who coordinates advisement activities for the Department.

Beyond signing your preregistration and add-drop forms, advisors can help you with questions about graduate schools, references, resumes, and many other subjects. [You cannot register online until you have seen an advisor, who will enter a computer code to permit you to register.] They can also provide you with copies of the goals for English majors, and explain requirements of your program. If you cannot remember the name of your advisor, contact Ms. Evelyne Weeks for assistance, or check your student profile in Wingspan to find the name of your advisor online.

While all members of the Department share its advising load, the following faculty members have special responsibilities in advising:

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