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General Education Core      

HMXP 102           

HMXP is the second course in the General Education Core coming between WRIT 101 and CRTW 201. This course explores the self and its relationship to education, to community, to the natural world, and to the sacred.

Students will critically encounter challenging readings that will force them to examine life changing ideas about themselves. Students who successfully complete HMXP 102 will be able to:

  • Read and demonstrate a basic understanding of the central ideas of a variety of texts
  • Compare, contrast, and link ideas from a variety of textual sources
  • Use information from multiple viewpoints to form well-reasoned arguments and conclusions
  • Demonstrate the impact of the perspectives of others on their own experience
  • Create texts that demonstrate an appropriate sense of audience and occasion
  • Demonstrate personal integrity by properly incorporating and citing borrowed material in written and oral expression
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