Core Writing Courses

Writing (WRIT) 465: Preparation for Oral & Written Reports

WRIT 465 focuses on the preparation of oral and written reports appropriate in business or government. It is one of a small number of Winthrop courses that have both the writing intensive and oral communication designations. Almost 25% of Winthrop undergraduate students are required to take this course as part of their degree requirements, testimony to its importance to students in a variety of disciplines and programs.

The course in many ways simulates communications conditions in the world of work, so students participate in group work and peer editing as well as preparing assignments on their own, and submit assignments both in hard copy and electronic form. Some sections of the course are offered in hybrid or online environments; check carefully to make sure which delivery format applies to the section in which you enroll. The course assumes students are ready to think about their futures, so students must have junior status and have passed CRTW 201 with a C- or better in order to take WRIT 465.  

Because this course develops skills vital to so many disciplines, it is one of the most-frequently required courses on campus. Students therefore should try to enroll in it as soon as they are eligible so that they can complete the course in a timely manner for their degree progress.

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