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Important Forms and Resources for Student Organizations

Updating Your Organization's Records


DiGiorgio Campus Center


  • All Students ListServ  
    Fill out online form by 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday to submit advertisement to all students, which is compiled into Daily Student Announcements. Daily Student Announcements go out at 5:20 p.m.  
  • Student Orgs ListServ Fill out online form to submit advertisement to the Student Organization Leader Newsletter, which goes out weekly while classes are in session.

Posting Flyers

  • Posting Guidelines (pdf-228 KB) 
    Find our where you can post your advertisements around campus.


Thomson Dining Hall

Event Planning

Cultural Event Status

Event Planning 

Food Preparation


  • Emergency Contact Information Form (pdf-123 KB)
    Fill out pdf form, save, and print. Deliver to Student Activities in 269 DiGiorgio Campus Center 2 days before travel.
  • Travel Authorization Form
    Fill out Microsoft Excel form, save, print, and sign. Deliver to Student Activities in 269 DiGiorgio Campus Center.
  • Travel Reimbursement Form
    Fill out Microsoft Excel form, save, print, and sign. Deliver to Student Activities in 269 DiGiorgio Campus Center.


Off-Campus Fundraising (if using the Winthrop Foundation)

On-Campus Fundraising


Other Resources

Conference Room 204

  • Conference Room 204 
    Guidelines for using Room 204 in the DiGiorgio Campus Center.
  • Conference Room 204 Display Instructions
    This includes instructions for using the TV Display monitors.

Email and Website 

Organization Lockers

  • Locker Request Form
    Fill out this electronic form to request or udate your locker information for the current academic year.

Setting up a Bank Account

  • Federal Identification Number
    Fill out this online form and submit to IRS to receive a federal EIN number, which is necessary to set up a bank account for your organization.

If you have any questions about the above forms or resources, please contact the Office of Student Activities at or call us at 803/323-2248. Thanks!

Last Updated: 6/22/20