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How do I host a virtual meeting?  Virtual Event Guidelines

How to use your Zoom account for virtural meetings and events watch the Youtube tutorial

The Opportunity Leaders Have Right Now..."How do we lead through chaos? I asked someone who has done it before. Chris Fussell is president of the McChrystal Group, author of The NY Times bestselling book Team of Teams and a former US Navy SEAL. I called him up to ask him how large teams can stay connected and how leaders can know what's going on on the front lines to help them make better decisions."

Three Things: How to Inspire Others..."How do you get people at work or in your personal life to get on board with your ideas and aspirations? Learn three behaviors you need to develop to meet your goals.  Learn from Darden School of Business Associate Professor Morela Hernandez.  Professor Hernandez teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Darden's MBA programs at the University of Virginia"

The Tips and Tricks of a Great Organization