Re-Registering Your Student Organization

Student organization in-person training sessions will be held on August 24th through August 31st. Annual Registration for the 2023-2024 academic year will begin August 18, 2023 and must be completed by September 5th, 2023.

All organizations must re-register by September 5th to remain in good standing with the Department of Student Engagement! If your organization falls out of good standing, it will be declared "Inactive" until you have completed the requirements. Completing registration by September 5th will also give you the opportunity to participate in the Annual Fall Involvement Fair that will be held on September 7th, 2023.

There are four steps every student organization must complete. 

Step One: Complete the student organization re-registration.

All active student organizations will be e-mailed a link to complete the Winthrop University Student Organization Re-registration Form 2023-2024 that is located on the Eagle Engage platform. This e-mail will go to a representative who is on file in our office. A representative from the organization will need to complete the components of the re-registration process for the organization. The registration form will ask organizations if they would like to participate in the Annual Fall Involvement Fair that is scheduled for September 7th, 2023. If you have questions about the representative who received the e-mail, please call our office at 803/323-2248.

Step Two: Complete the mandatory training sessions.

An organization representative must complete a mandatory "Student Organizations Training Session" that will be held in-person to register for the academic year. The training sessions include covering information on campus space usage, university policies, resources, PR/Marketing, and organization management. 

Step Three: Complete Space Use Training on Blackboard.

This training will cover how to apprioprately submit space request using te Coursedog system. It is recommended that 2 - 3 members of your organization attend this training. 

Steps 1 -3 are due September 5th. 

Step Four: Submit a Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement.

Every student organization must have Faculty/Staff Advisor and must sign a new form each academic year. The re-registration form will ask for your Advisor's information. If you do not have an advisor at the time of registration, please be sure to notify the Department of Student Engagement and fill out this form when you are able to. Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement Form
We understand that faculty and staff are transitioning back to campus as well. With that said, the Advisor Agreement Form is due Sept. 30th

Coming soon...Eagle Engage Training for Student Organizations! 

There will be additional trainings throughout the year that your organizations will be required to attend and participate in. Please be sure to check organizational email account. 


If you have questions about re-registering your organization, please contact the Department of Student Engagement at 803/323-2248 or