Winthrop University: Student Organizations - Steps to Reserve Space

Beginning fall 2020, all buildings with rooms in the space reservation system have been recalculated with a lower capacity rate.  Before submitting a space request, please check the new capacity rates to make sure the requested room will accommodate your needs.


Steps to Reserve Space on Campus

Step 1: Get Organized

  • Your first step to requesting space is planning.  You will want to set a tentative date, time and location as well as have alternative times and dates
  • Your goal should be to plan far enough in advance and be flexible with your event's timeframe.
  • You should also take time to check the University Events Calendar to verify that your event does not conflict with other major university events.
  • All space requests require 10-day notice prior to the event for student organizations.

Step 2: Check Dates

  • After choosing your desired location and checking to make sure the space is available, look on the Campus Space Reservation System specific calendar page to see if the space is available.

Step 3: Submit Request

Things to remember while you are filling out your space request:

  • Include your correct Winthrop University e-mail address as well as your Winthrop Faculty/Staff advisor's e-mail address.
  • Include time for set-up and break down.
  • Request for Campus Police to unlock and lock doors before and after the event, if applicable.
  • A separate request must be completed for multiple dates and spaces.
  • Print a copy of your request before it is submitted as well as the form that provides the assigned event number information for your records.
  • Requests can only be submitted online.
  • If you event is scheduled outside make sure that you have an alternate location in case of inclement weather.

 Step 4: Wait for a Response

  • The final step is the easiest, just wait.
  • Your request for space and activity will be considered by all approving parties
  • You will receive an email confirming approval or rejection.
  • Do not publicize the event until you receive an emailed confirmation.
  • Expect a response usually within a week.
  • You may be requested to provide additional information in order for approving parties to authorize your request.
  • If additional information is not submitted, the request may be denied.
  • You may check the status of your requests on the Campus Space Reservation System homepage with the usage of your assigned Event Number.  

Last Updated: 5/16/22