The DiGiorgio Campus Center offers a variety of options to promote on campus events. Choices include digital signage,banners, table displays, bulletin boards, and chalking. Use the guidelines and instructions below to determine the best way to promote your event.

Digital Signage  

The DiGiorgio Campus Center can be utilized to promote information and materials for campus events. Digital signage is located in six different locations in the building: main lobby, Dina's Place, first floor information desk, post office, Markley's and second floor lobby. 

Digital Advertising Guidelines & Form

Donation Bin

Soliciting items from students and the community through University approved or provided collection device.

Donation Bin Request Form


Banners hung inside the DiGiorgio Campus Center are limited to three (3) designated spots in the Main Lobby. Inside banners can be constructed of paper, fabric, vinyl or other lightweight pliable materials. Outside banners must be professionally printed on vinyl and already have grommets along the top and bottom. Maximum accepted banner size (horizontal in orientation) is 3' (h) x 15' (w).

Banner Guidelines

Bulletin Boards

Approved locations to hang flyers and posters for student organization and department events.

Posting Policy


Students organizations may use chalk on Winthrop sidewalks to promote and advertise specific on-campus events, within reason. The chalk must be removed within 3 days following the event. Organizations must obtain approval from the Office for Student Organizations before chalking. The Department of Student Affairs retains the right to determine if any organization has chalked excessively or inappropriately. 


A vendor is any non-University related commercial business, entity, individual, or private organization that sells or promotes a product or service. Off-campus vendors that would like to come to campus must be properly registered and approved by the Student Engagement & Diversity Office. For additional information please call 803/323-2248. 

Vendors sponsored by a university department or student organization:

University departments and student organizations may sponsor vendors in the DiGiorgio Campus Center, but will need to submit the on-line table reservation form for approval. Vendors sponsored by university departments or student groups will be required to complete the Vendor Agreement form and comply with all duties as outlined in the agreement. A department representative or student organization representative must be present with the vendor at all times. Any vendor that is determined to be in competition with our core university contracted student services that are essential to our educational mission such as the provision of housing, books, and food service will be denied approval. Winthrop University does not in any form permit the solicitation of credit cards.

Off-campus vendors are permitted to advertise on-campus by (1) purchasing an ad in the university newspaper or other official university media by calling 803/323-3419 and (2) posting reasonable amounts of advertising items on seven main bulletin boards: three in the breezeway connecting McLaurin Hall to Tillman Hall, one by the Cashiers Office near 17 Tillman, one in Dinkins Hall on the back wall of the information desk, and two in the DiGiorgio Campus Center by the post office. All other posting locations on campus are for university departments or student organizations.