Sport Programs

Winthrop University is committed to offering every student the resources and opportunities needed to enjoy sports and exercise at any level they choose. Participating in Sport Programs helps students learn new sports, develop new athletic skills and improve their talent within an enjoyable, inclusive environment.  The rules and regulations for both Intramural Sports and Club Sports require good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior, which promotes a fair and safe atmosphere for everyone.

Intramural Sports

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The Office of Recreational Services hosts over 30 different team and individual/dual sports and activities throughout the academic year. The sports offered within Intramural Sports are contested of teams exclusive to Winthrop students, faculty and staff.  Men's, Women's, CoRec and Open leagues are offered in various it's never been easier to find the sport that's best for you!

Top 10 Need-To-Know

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Intramural Sports at Winthrop.

  • They are FUN, and all skill sets are welcome!
  • Students, faculty and staff can play.
  • There are no practices or tryouts.
  • We provide all required equipment!
  • Your group forms its own team. Don't have a team? Register as a free agent.
  • Sign up in IMLeagues. Remember your sport's registration period.
  • You choose when your team plays.
  • Forfeit deposits are required. No forfeits = 100% refund.
  • Champs get free shirts and all kinds of social media love!
  • We are always hiring officials. We train you; no experience necessary!


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Download the IMLeagues app from the Apple store.       Download the IMLeagues app from the Google Play store.

Club Sports

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The Club Sports program is comprised of student organizations which are competitive, recreational and/or educational nature. All clubs are open to Winthrop students of all athletic abilities and backgrounds. Established clubs are often provided with funding to further pursue competitive opportunities (by traveling to compete with other universities) and advance the interest of the club within the Winthrop campus community.

Which clubs are currently at Winthrop? Check out the Club Sports Directory.

To join a club, simply contact the club's president and that person can lead you through the process for joining and let you know when and where the next practice sessions will take place.