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Delta Alpha Pi International (DAPi) Honor Society

DAPi Honor Society Logo
What is Delta Alpha Pi?

Founded in 2004, Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) works to empower students with disabilities by recognizing them for their academic success and unique talents. DAPi aims to reduce stigma and expel stereotypes associated with having a disability. Winthrop is one of more than 150 institutions of higher learning hosting a chapter of DAPi.

What are the membership requirements?

  1. Connection with the Office of Accessibility, or self-identification as an individual with a disability
  2. Demonstration of an interest in disability/accessibility issues
  3. Completion of  a minimum of 24 credit hours for undergraduates and 18 credit hours for graduate students
  4. An overall GPA of 3.10 on a 4.0 scale for undergraduates and 3.30 on a 4.0 scale for graduate students

How much are chapter dues?

Chapter dues are $25 at this time (currently paid once during chapter membership). Chapter dues cover costs associated with chapter operations (e.g. graduation cords, initiation pins, chapter activities, etc.).

Are there opportunities to develop leadership skills?

Yes, there are! The chapter has an Executive Counsel made up of the following positions:

  • President
    • Primary student contact for the chapter
    • Leads organization meetings
    • Communicates with chapter advisor
    • Needs to be familiar with university policies that affect student organizations
  • Vice President
    • Coordinates honor society’s programing
    • Needs to be familiar with university policies that affect student organizations
  • Treasurer
    • Maintains chapter budget and record of funds
    • Completes relevant student allocations paperwork
    • Oversees fundraising and/or revenue generating activities
    • Needs to be familiar with university policies that affect student organizations
  • Secretary
    • Takes minutes at meetings and distributes them amongst the chapter’s membership

How Do I Apply?

If you are already interested in joining the chapter, complete the online DAPi Statement of Interest. This application is due by February 28, 2020.

Last Updated: 8/11/20