Accessibility Guidelines for Students

These are the current guidelines you need to follow for appropriate use of your approved accommodations.

Modification Agreement
This agreement describes how to appropriately utilize your accommodations related to flexibility with attendance, class assignments, and/ or deadlines.

Personal Recording Device
This agreement describes rules on the appropriate use of recording devices in the classroom and the management of recorded materials.

Online Scheduling and Guidelines (Students)
These guidelines give the rules and procedures regarding scheduling exams as well as appropriate use of the testing accommodations in the OA Test Center.

Accommodations for Absences, Assignment Deadlines, Exams

Changes to class attendance requirements, assignment deadlines, or exam dates are fundamental alterations to a course. Approval for such flexibility is a process that will require questions, discussion, and an OA team consultation and staffing to determine the reasonableness of such a request. Note that the OA Team will advocate for and with you in regards to your disability related needs and work with you and your instructor to assess and determine reasonable accommodations that allow you to participate in your classes. As stated in the Winthrop Student Handbook, Interaction between faculty and students is an integral part of the learning process at Winthrop.

Faculty may use the following guides and agreements based on the students approved accommodation:

Attendance Flexibility Guide and Agreement (PDF-183KB)

Assignment Deadline Flexibility Agreement (PDF-872KB)

Exam Date Flexibility Guide and Agreement (PDF-322KB)

Attendance, Assignment, and Exam Date Flexibility Guide and Agreement (PDF-344KB)