Report Barriers

Report Barriers

Help Ensure Access at Winthrop

Access is not just the responsibility of the Office of Accessibility (OA), but of the entire campus community.

If you encounter broken elevators, uneven or cracked sidewalks, walkways or surfaces, doors that aren't wide enough for wheelchair users, accessible restroom stalls with no handrails, inaccessible information on the Winthrop website that prevents usablity and access, and more, use this form to inform OA staff of these barriers. If you are not sure, feel free to use the Report Barrier and Access Issues Form to report the issue and we will investigate.


Please note that this online reporting system is not meant for issues that are an emergency or are life-threatening. If you have an emergency or life-threatening issue, please immediately call 911 or the Winthrop University Police Department at (803) 323-3333.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding!


Last Updated: 11/17/20