Accommodations and Services

Classroom Accommodations

Students who would like to explore classroom accommodations from the Office of Accessibility should follow the Registration Process as outlined below:


The Registration Process is as follows:

  1. Complete the New OA Accommodations Request Form
  2. Upload any documentation that verifies your disability/condition. You may view our documentation requirements here. If you do not have any documentation or paperwork, you may download a Disability Verification Form (PDF - 628 KB) to be completed by your treating specialist (Note: Do not use this form for requests for Emotional Support Animals, Housing, nor Meal Plan Accommodations. You must contact OA for forms specific to these requests). This documentation will need to be uploaded when you complete your application. If you run into any problems with the file upload page, please contact OA.
  3. Once OA has the application AND documentation you will receive confirmation by OA to your Winthrop e-mail which will instruct you to contact OA to schedule your intake appointment.