Reasonable Accommodations

Please remember that the Office of Accessibility (OA) is available to assist if you have questions or concerns regarding course access and reasonable accommodations.

Some accommodations, such as “extended time for exams and quizzes” are clear. Others that ask for “flexibility with attendance, assignment deadlines, and exam dates” may need further evaluation and discussion based on the goals of a class and amount of flexibility that can be given while maintaining the ability to:

  1. provide accommodated students an educational experience that ensures equitable treatment and access
  2. ensure students with accommodations meet the fundamental objectives of the class (i.e. class participation, peer critique and feedback, etc…)
  3. preserve the design and integrity of the course.

We feel that a conversation called the “Interactive Process” should occur between students and instructors. Please feel free to include OA staff in these conversations as needed.  OA has resources and guides, such as the Disability-Related Accommodation for Absences, Deadlines, and/or Exam Dates (pdf) template, to assist you with the provision of accommodations.

During the campus closure, OA staff is readily available via e-mail at Please let us know how we can assist you.