Hearing Apps and Software

Free/Low Cost AT for Hearing

App MyEar


  • Microsoft app automatically transcribes everything it hears
  • Can change font size and see in high-contrast
  • 80% better than lip readers

Cost: $9.99

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch



  • On-the-fly closed captioning for what is being said around the user 24/7
  • Use the app in meetings or conversations to see what people are saying
  • Large font and user-friendly font on the screen for easy reading
  • Basic Version: Caption one-on-one conversations or group conversations for 2 or more people for up to 5 hours per moth
  • Unlimited Version: Caption one-on-one conversations or group conversations for 2 or more

CostFree Basic; Premium $14.99/month

CompatibilityiOS: iPad, iPhone; Android

Live Transcribe


  • Real-time, speech-to-text transcriptions to make everyday conversations more accessible among people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Shows speech and sound as text on your screen
  • You can type responses on the screen, get alerted when your name is spoken, and search within transcriptions

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android

Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator


  • Learn sign language using this app with over 11,500 words
  • 3D avatar characters can be zoomed in or out or rotated to give you the best viewing of every sign
  • Type in a sentence, phrase, word or alphabet for visual playback with the Signed English translation
  • May not provide correct grammatical structure of signed sentences

Cost: $9.99

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch



  • Captioning, note-taking and translation website
  • Private and secure
  • Your data and transcripts are yours alone
  • Add color-coded notes directly into your transcripts, tagging important sections as the captioning is generated
  • Transcript files are saved in your choice of multiple formats
  • Share your room (account) with as many friends, coworkers and family members as you want
  • Provides complete multi-lingual synchronized spoken translation of whatever anyone is saying or typing in most any language

Cost: $9.97/mo. Or $99/year

Compatibility: Any device that has a web browser and internet access