LyKaisha & LyAisha Barr

LyKaisha and LyAisha Barr, both Class of 2015
Rock Hill, South Carolina
B.S., Middle level education; English/language arts and mathematics concentration
Teachers, Sullivan Middle School

As the Barr sisters were growing up in Kingstree, South Carolina, if you saw LyKaisha Barr, chances are you'd find LyAisha Barr as well – and vice versa. The identical twins were extremely close as children.

“We were always together, and we played together a lot,” LyKaisha said. “When you saw one, you saw the other.”

That bond has only strengthened over time because you can still find them together: the Winthrop University Class of 2015 graduates both work at Sullivan Middle School in Rock Hill.

“We like to visit each other's classrooms at the end of the day to share how our day went,” said LyAisha. “In fact, before we taught at our current school, we both taught at the middle school we attended as kids! So we're used to teaching at the same school, and we enjoy that.”

Why did they choose Winthrop? 

Both discovered their passion for teaching as young children.

“I enjoyed attending school so much as a child that I decided to stay in the school atmosphere and teach,” LyKaisha said.

LyAisha echoed the sentiment: “Since my love for school was very high, I decided that being a teacher was the best job for me.”

A family friend told the pair about how Winthrop was a great school, particularly for aspiring teachers, and they were “thrilled” when they were both accepted into the university's Richard W. Riley College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences.

What did they love about their time at Winthrop?

LyKaisha: “We enjoyed going to the step shows, cultural events, Family Day, basketball games and other DSU events.” 

LyAisha: “Our favorite classes were the math courses for our degree, and we pretty much enjoyed all our classes and professors!” 

The pair were also active in the Winthrop chapters of the Palmetto State Teachers Association (PSTA) and South Carolina Education Association (SCEA). 

What are their future plans?

After graduating with their degrees (Bachelor of Science in middle level education with concentrations in English/language arts and mathematics), they immediately went into their respective classrooms. Both have since earned master's degrees in mathematics from Walden University and are pursuing their doctoral degrees in curriculum and teaching. They hope to eventually become math interventionists.

So why the love for mathematics? 

LyKaisha: “I love how math gets you to use critical thinking skills to solve all types of problems. Math is just fun, and the fact that one can apply math to real-world situations makes it even better.”

LyAisha: “I love how math makes you think hard. I like working with numbers and understanding the concepts of math, such as why a certain number works for an equation.”

Was the family friend's Winthrop recommendation a good one? 

“Winthrop has a good education program for students pursuing a career in that field,” LyKaisha said. “As a student wanting to become a teacher, I felt well-prepared to apply what I learned from them to my teaching practice, so Winthrop was a great recommendation.”

LyAisha wholeheartedly agrees, noting the college's multiple field experience opportunities and the professors' overall knowledge.

“I plan to recommend Winthrop University to my students who are seeking a profession in teaching,” she said.