Ameca Carter Thomas ‘99


Name: Ameca Carter Thomas '99  
Residence: Gray Court, South Carolina
Degree: Elementary Education; Family and Consumer Sciences
Occupation: School Superintendent, Laurens County School District 55

School administrator Ameca Carter Thomas '99 follows a simple motto: to become better than the day before.  

She has worked two decades in education and is now moving into her role as superintendent of Laurens County School District 55. There is much work to be done in the days ahead, she said, but her dedication lies in improving education and helping all students achieve at their highest level. Her hard work has already paid off: the National School Public Relations Association recognized her as one of the top 25 "Superintendents to Watch." 

“Improving student performance is a major goal but it is an unceasing process. There is no destination to reach and no final outcome … just continuous improvement,” said Thomas, a National Board Certified teacher and former school district Teacher of the Year. She most recently served as assistant superintendent for teaching and learning in Laurens 55.

Like most educators will agree, no two days ever look the same. Thomas spends her days doing administrative work such as instructional learning walks; talking to students, parents and principals; spending time in cabinet and department meetings; and reviewing curriculum and leading professional development. But her larger work, she said, is to “change the trajectory of life for children.”

Thomas studied elementary education and family and consumer sciences at Winthrop and went on to obtain two master's degrees and a doctorate degree in educational leadership and administration. She began her career as a teacher before moving into administrative leadership roles.

“I am passionate about children, and I am passionate about teaching and learning. Helping others and contributing toward something greater than myself are my two biggest motivators,” she said.

Thomas said she developed that mindset as a student at Winthrop, where she felt safe growing, developing and making connections.

“Winthrop gave me a solid foundation and taught me about leadership. I have always been a hard worker and worked hard to make my dreams a reality,” said Thomas, who is married with three children.