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Forms and Policies

NOTE:  1) The easiest way to complete any of the following "fillable" online forms is to first save the pdf to your computer; 2) Complete all sections of the form and save any changes; 3) Send the completed form as an attachment via email to CBA Student Services, or print it and drop it off at the CBA Student Services office in 226 Thurmond. [Exception:  Emails with attached forms must be emailed to Student Services during the COVID-19 office closure, not dropped off in 226 Thurmond.]  4) If the form is 'not fillable," it will have to be printed out, handwritten, and submitted to CBA Student Services.     

Forms Online

Approval to Transfer Credit (PDF - 649 KB)

CBA Undergraduate Petition (PDF - 664 KB)  PRINT FORM OFF BEFORE FILLING OUT

Change of Curriculum (Catalog/Major/Concentration/Minor) (PDF - 451 KB) 

University-wide Undergraduate Petition (PDF - 134 KB)

Undergraduate Suspended Student Petition (PDF - 110 KB)

See Records and Registration for Additional Online Forms 

Resources and Policies

Cultural Events

Math Placement Exam

Repeat Policy

Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory
Withdrawal From Courses


Last Updated: 1/6/21