Readmission of Former Students

Any Winthrop student who has not attended Winthrop for at least one major semester (fall or spring) and fewer than five calendar years have elapsed, is required to apply for readmission through the Office of Records and Registration.

Winthrop students who have been absent for five calendar years or longer must be readmitted through the Office of Admissions.

Official transcripts from all institutions attended during a student's absence must be submitted when the student applies for readmission. Students applying for readmission who attended another institution in the interim must submit an official transcript from each regionally accredited college/university attended. Students who have enrolled in more than twelve (12) semester hours must earn a minimum cumulative grade point ratio of 2.0. Applicants for readmission must also satisfy any balance due on their Winthrop account before being allowed to enroll.

It should be noted that:

  1. Any special permissions, waivers, substitutions, or other dispensations previously granted by Winthrop are void
  2. All credit hours previously earned at Winthrop, including credit by examination, are evaluated against current criteria.

After a 12 month absence, readmitted students must meet the graduation requirements and the minimum academic standards effective at the time of reentry.

At the time of readmission, a student who has been absent for five calendar years or longer may choose to reenter under the "academic forgiveness" policy. Under this policy, all courses previously taken at Winthrop University are treated as if they were transfer credit. The earlier courses are not used in computing the student's grade-point average. However, all earlier courses and the grades earned remain on te student's official transcript and are counted in computing eligibility for graduating with academic honors.

CLICK HERE to access the Academic Forgiveness Form.

The student must exercise or waive the "academic forgiveness" option by the end of the first week of the second semester he or she is readmitted to Winthrop.