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The mission of the College of Business and Technology is to prepare students in a learning-centered environment through effective teaching, scholarship and service, with the professional and leadership skills necessary for positions in the global marketplace, while fostering life-long learning and service to the external community. The Student Professional Development Program would like to assist in this effort by providing experiential learning opportunities utilizing the Live, Learn and Lead model and a three-tiered approach that engages the student at the individual, team and group level.

Goals and Objectives:
The Program for Student Professional Development is committed to providing Work Skills, Career Search Skills, and Life Skills for professional conduct to continue developing business graduates who are viewed as desirable and sought after on local, national and international levels. To that end the objectives of the professional development series are as follows:

  • Guide students through the job search and employment process to assist in achieving life-long goals using state of the art and cutting edge technologies for employment seeking and job placement. 
  • Provide real life experiences to assist in shaping student expectations.
  • Encourage and develop strategies for work/life balance and personal growth and development.
  • Provide students with a substantive knowledge base for understanding corporate level expectations for professional development.
  • Develop skills and competencies in business communications including written, oral, and technological methodologies for job hunting and employment purposes. 
  • Provide a framework for identifying and selecting a career path that is meaningful and consistent with career goals.
  • Build a coalition of supporters and partners with relevant in-house, corporate and community stakeholders to assist in shaping a meaningful learning and consequently employment experience as part of a job readiness strategy.
  • Assist in building character traits and attributes that lead to success in employment and set a standard of excellence that leads to upward mobility and long-term career success.

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