Academic Advising



What is Advising?

Your interaction with faculty is an integral part of the learning process in the College of Business and Technology.  Your advising sessions provide opportunities for you to learn more about the philosophy behind the required degree program as well as career opportunities for specific options.

As a freshman, you are assigned a faculty adviser during summer orientation.  You will keep the same adviser during your freshman year.  Not only will your adviser help with program selections and scheduling, but will also be available to assist you with your adjustment to university life throughout the first year.  When you select an option in the College of Business, an adviser will be assigned to you from that area.

Students who transfer to the College of Business after their freshman year are assigned an adviser in the academic option of their choice. For example, if you choose the Marketing option, you will have an adviser in the Marketing area.

Your academic adviser's primary role is to help you plan a course of study.  This planning helps ensure that you are aware of all graduation requirements and that courses required in a particular option are taken in the proper sequence.


Making an Appointment with Your Adviser

During early registration periods, all faculty members will either have a schedule of times listed on their office door or send you an e-mail asking you to use technology to select an appointment time for advising.  During all other times, you may schedule an appointment by calling, e-mailing, or visiting your adviser.  Faculty office hours are posted on their doors.


Your Adviser's Role

The role of your assigned adviser is to assist you in making appropriate and satisfying decisions about academic programs and career goals. Examples of some of these decisions are as listed:

  1. To provide you with academic information about Winthrop University and your degree program, particularly your progress toward fulfillment of general education and major requirements.
  2. To know you well enough to be aware of your individual academic interests and your career goals.
  3. To help you become involved in the total learning experience of Winthrop University by suggesting appropriate involvement in on-campus, off-campus and experiential opportunities.


Your Role

Become familiar with the Winthrop University Undergraduate Catalog and the requirements for your degree program.  Keep current on academic regulations, policies, procedures and requirements by reviewing the catalog, schedule bulletin, and academic inventory sheets.

Take the initiative to contact your adviser.  Be conscientious and thoughtful.  Keep scheduled appointments.  Call or e-mail if you need to cancel.  Learn your adviser's office hours, this is a good time to see your adviser and get quality time for guidance.

Maintain personal copies of your records and bring these with you when you see your adviser.  Prepare a list of questions or concerns before each meeting with your adviser.  Have a tentative written schedule prepared for your registration appointment.

Keep in consideration the recommendations made by your adviser and the conversation that you both have when making scheduling decisions. Understand that your adviser is here to assist you in the best way possible so that you can receive the most out of your time here at Winthrop.