College of Business and Technology

CBT Faculty and Staff Directory


Saksena, P.N. - Dean of the College of Business and Technology 
Garrison, Chlotia - Associate Dean of the College of Business and Technology
Blachard, Ashley - Associate Vice President of University Advancement, CBT
Cervantes-Jimenez, Jose - Assistant Director of Data Support
Banks, Rickii - Recruiter

Administrative Coordinators


Johnson, Nancy - Administrative Assistant - ext 6273
Holloman, Christopher - Dean's Office - ext 6274


Student Services and Graduate Programs

803-323-4833 | 803-323-2409

LeMasters, AdreannaAcademic Adviser - ext 6297
Thacker, Will - Academic Adviser - ext
Valdez, Vanessa - Director of Student Services and Graduate Programs


Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Chair | Cordis, Adriana 

Ai, Li - Finance
Dai, Han - Accounting
Gibson, Philip - Finance, Financial Planning-Director
Hahn, Maureen - Business Analytics

Lewis, Willis - Economics
Maas, Jayne - Accounting
Moellman, Nicholas - Economics
Parker, Kevin - Accounting
Randle, Charles - Accounting
Richards, Hannah - Accounting
Romanova, Anna - Business Analytics

Shen, Yi (Shirley)Finance
Tarabar, Danko - Economics


Department of Computing and Information Sciences 

Chair | Dannelly, Stephen

Besmer, Andrew - Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Doman, Marguerite - Computer Science
Garrison, Chlotia - Computer Science
Ilson, RichardComputer Science
Scibelli, David - Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Thacker, William - Computer Science 
van Delden, Sebastian - Computer Science
Whitney, Michael - Digitial Information Design-Director
Wiegand, Paul - Computer Science 

Department of Management and Marketing

Chair | Peters, Cara

Griggs, Tracy - Human Resource Management
Guidry, Terri - Management
Jackson, Joanna - Healthcare Management
Klimchak, Malayka - Human Resource Management
Matthews, Michael - Healthcare Management-Director
Miller, Kent - Business Law
Patel, Erin - Marketing, Adjunct
Patwardhan, Hemant - Marketing
Stevens, Larry - Management
Thomas, Jane - Marketing
Zatz, David - Marketing, Executive in Residence