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Winthrop and York Tech Pathways

Meta-Majors and Guided Pathways

Winthrop University and York Technical College have partnered to create Meta-Majors, a grouping of related fields of study designed to simplify the process of selecting your major. When you apply to York Tech and indicate that you intend to transfer to Winthrop, you will select a Meta-Major based on your strengths and career interests. 

Within each of the four Meta-Majors and guided pathways that includes the required coursework at both institutions and key milestones for you to track your progress towards earning your degrees. Love where you're going!

First things first: it's perfectly okay if you aren't sure what major is right for you -- Guided Pathways can help!  Start by using the Meta-Majors icons and brief descriptions below to indentify where your strenghts and areas of interest fit.  Once you know which meta-major is for you, meet with your York Technical College advisor to further explore the meta-major and select the guided pathway that is right for you!  The guided pathway will ensure your transfer from YTC to Winthrop is a breeze.

Pathways - Business


    The Business and Managment Meta-Major is right for you if you're a self-starter who knows the value of teamwork, customer service and creativity.   You like examining workflows and cash flows and you recognize the important role technology plays in all of it.  You're a leader, and you're ready and willing to step up and make things happen.   

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the Business and Management Meta-Major

Pathways - Science


    The Science and Health Meta-Major is right for you if you enjoy exploring and understanding the world around you - theoretical, physical, biological - it's all a puzzle that drives you to find a solution.  You're a problem solver and complex systems like a chemical bond or the human body fascinate and inspire you. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the Science & Health Meta-Major.

Pathways - Arts and Languages


    The Arts, Language & Communication Meta-Major is right for you if creativity and communication are your strengths. You enjoy connecting with people through language - written, verbal or both - and you like bringing people together.  You express yourself freely, and you know that art, in every form, is one of the best ways to explore new ideas and points of view. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the Arts, Language & Communication Meta-Major

Pathways - Society and Politcs


    The Society and Politics Meta-Major is right for you if you're interested in the organizations, laws, politics, interactions, and social bonds that make our planet such a rich and diverse place - and you're always craving to learn more.  Studying human behavior, culture and identity excite you.  You have an intellectual spirit, and you enjoy sharing that with others because you understand the importance of doing your part within your interconnected community. 

     CLICK HERE to learn more about the Society & Politics Meta-Major?

Guided Pathways

Earn your Associate of Arts or Science from York Technical College and transfer to Winthrop University to earn your Bachelor in:

Funding your Education

    Please CLICK HERE for information on tuition and fees.

    If you wish to apply for federal student aid, but have not already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year in which you plan to enroll at Winthrop University, you should review the Winthrop University Financial Aid Application Process and complete the FAFSA online. The FAFSA should be filed no later than November 1 of the fall preceding the spring semester you plan to enroll. Winthrop's federal school code is 003456.

    If you have already completed the FAFSA for the academic year in which you plan to enroll at Winthrop, but did not list Winthrop as one of the schools that should receive your information, you should do the following: 

    • Access the FAFSA online. From the third column of the FAFSA homepage under the 'FAFSA Follow-up' section click on 'Add or Delete a School Code' and follow the instructions.

    If you are transferring to Winthrop University for spring or summer and your previous institution awarded you federal student aid for the spring and/or summer, you should contact the financial aid office at your previous school to cancel your spring and/or summer financial aid awards. We will not be able to award you federal student aid for the spring and/or summer until your previous institution cancels your award for spring/summer. 

    Please CLICK HERE for more information on completing FAFSA.

    Please CLICK HERE for information on transfer scholarships. Transfer students can apply for additional departmental scholarships once enrolled at Winthrop University.

    The Office of Financial Aid is committed to assisting each student find appropriate ways to finance their Winthrop University education.

    Please CLICK HERE for more information on the types of financial aid that are available.


    Winthrop and York Tech have partnered to create Meta-Majors, a grouping of related fields of study designed to simplify the process of selecting your major. When you apply to York Technical College and indicate that you intend to transfer to Winthrop, you will select a Meta-Major based on your strengths and career interests. 

    Within each of the four Meta-Majors (Arts, Language and Communication; Business and Management; Society and Politics; and Science and Health) are guided pathways that outline the course requirements at York Tech and Winthrop, and key milestones for you to track your progress towards your associate degree from York Tech and bachelor’s degree from Winthrop.

    Your academic advisor at York Technical College will work with you every semester to select courses following your guided pathway, that maximize your transfer credits. Contact with any questions. 

    Currently, Winthrop and York Tech have partnered to create guided pathways for 28 academic majors, which are housed in Winthrop’s four Divisions of Academic Colleges: the College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, and College of Visual and Performing Arts.

    If your academic major is not part of the Meta-Majors, you will work with your York Tech academic advisor to create a course schedule that maximizes your transfer credits.

    Student who are uncertain on what they would major in, can meet with an advisor in Winthrop’s University College to learn more about our 43 academic majors.

    Winthrop is a comprehensive university with a liberal arts curriculum.

    Reverse Transfer is a unique process for awarding an associate degree or university studies certificate to students who transferred to Winthrop in pursuit of their bachelor’s degree, before

    completing the requirements for an associate degree from York Technical College. Once you have completed the reverse transfer form, every semester Winthrop’s Office of Records and Registration will evaluate your credits and once you have completed the requirements for your associate degree, Winthrop will send your transcript to York Tech, who will then evaluate your credits and send the associate's degree by mail.

    To learn more about Reverse Transfer, please contact Winthrop’s Office of Records and Registration.

    Transfer students are encouraged to apply to transfer at the beginning of your final semester at York Tech.

    Check your Winthrop Admissions Portal to view the status of your application and if any required materials are still needed. Decisions will be mailed to your home address and can also be viewed in the portal.

    To learn more about the Transfer Admission Requirements and Application process visit:

    • Application deadline for Spring 2022: December 15th, 2021
            * Scholarship deadline is December 1

    • Application deadline for Fall 2022: July 1, 2022
            * Scholarship deadline is June 1

    Contact Mr. Craig Gero, Winthrop’s Transfer Admission Counselor at with transfer questions.

    Students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of their final semester or quarter of attendance at their present institution. The scholarship deadline is June 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. State Scholarship decisions are pending upon receipt of the student's final transcript.

    Students who wish to have official copies of their transcripts may complete a transcript request by using one of the methods below. Please note that in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, transcript orders must be signed. Unsigned and faxed orders will not be processed.

    Processing Time: Transcript orders will be completed within three full workdays. More time may be necessary during peak periods such as graduation, registration, and final exams. Transcripts will not be issued to students who owe past-due funds to the college.

    Walk-In - Students may complete a Transcript Request form at the York Tech Academic Records Office.

    Mail-In - Students may complete a Transcript Request Form and mail it to: York Technical College, Attention: Academic Records Office, 452 S. Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730.

    On-line - Students may order transcripts via the internet 24/7 through Parchment, an online service. Unlimited transcripts can be ordered in one session using any major credit card. The fee for ordering online is a $2.85 processing fee. Your credit card will only be charged after the order has been completed. Order updates will be emailed to you as your order progresses through each stage of processing, including when your transcript is mailed. Please check your email frequently for up-dates.

    To use the online service, go to York Tech's Parchment login page, and follow the instructions on the screen to create an account and place your order.

    Students may request transcripts and other academic records related information via Web Advisor. 

    Each academic college will evaluate all transfer credits with final grades of "C-" or better from an accredited institution once we receive your final transcript.

    Use our Transfer Credit Evaluator to estimate what credits will transfer and what programs to consider.

    For additional information, check out the Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

    Congratulations! Winthrop University's accepted student page will provide complete information on the steps to be taken to enroll at Winthrop. Students may also contact their personal admissions counselor (Craig Gero at to guide them and their family through the process. Finally, students should review the enrollment checklist page to confirm their residency status for tuition payment purposes and to register for an Orientation session.

    Orientation information can be found on the New Student & Family Programs website. All new students are required to attend one Orientation session.

    There are designated Orientation sessions available for transfer students in order to register for classes for upcoming semesters. Transfer students should remember to submit their final college transcript so that their coursework can be evaluated and any additional credit will be awarded.

The Bridge Program

Students attending York Tech with the intention of transferring to Winthrop may also be eligible for the Winthrop Bridge Program, where you can get a jump start on enjoying the benefits of being a Winthrop Eagle!

    The Winthrop Bridge Program is designed for students who upon high school graduation have enrolled at York Technical College to earn their University Studies Certificate or Associate degree prior to transferring to Winthrop University to earn their bachelor’s degree.

    Once admitted to York Technical College, applicants must apply and be selected for the Winthrop Bridge Program.

    Once they become Winthrop Bridge students they will: 

    • Officially be York Technical College students, pay YTC tuition, and be eligible for financial aid (through YTC) and state scholarships. 

    •  Be assigned a York Tech professional academic advisor for first and second year advising. Academic Advisor’s collaborate with Winthrop’s Directors of Student Services from each academic college, to maximize students transfer credits. Contact with questions.

    • Enroll in College 101 at Winthrop, a course taught by YTC faculty to prepare students for transferring to Winthrop.

    •  Use Winthrop academic support services designed for Bridge students.

    • Get a WU ID card and parking pass that will give them access to Winthrop University's West Center, Dacus Library, Academic Success Center, and Writing Center.

    • Access to attend WInthrop University's Cultural Events simultaneously facilitates students meeting Winthrop University’s cultural events requirement.

    • Enrollment and Transfer support from Winthrop University and York Technical College Admission's Counselors. Contact Mr. Craig Gero with transfer questions.

    • Fee waiver for Winthrop's Transfer application.

    • Upon successfully transferring, have early registration option at Winthrop University and receive the Bridge Scholarship, $1000 per year (up to 3 years).

    Want to learn more?  CLICK HERE

The Bridge Program


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