About Marketing

Marketing is one of the business options available to students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During the first two years of the program, students concentrate on a broad liberal arts curriculum as well as courses in accounting, economics, and computer science. During the final two years, students complete courses in management, marketing, operations, and communication along with the required courses in the Marketing option.   

Why Study Marketing?

Marketing involves the exciting, dynamic process of matching buyers' needs and wants with a firm's present or future market offerings. Marketing's functions involve the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods or services for profit and nonprofit organizations. Marketing's major goal is to satisfy customers' and organizations' goals while creating higher standards of living for society. Students will learn practical concepts and applications from an integrated, ethical, and quality-oriented business perspective. 

Marketing students are actively involved in campus activities, case studies, field-based learning exercises, and participate in valuable internship opportunities. Many of our Marketing students who complete internships are offered full-time positions with their employer upon graduation.