South Carolina Residency for Tuition-Payment Purposes

Winthrop University is required under South Carolina State Law (Statutory Authority: 1976 Code Sections 59-112-10 to 59-112-100) to determine the residency classification of applicants. The initial determination of the one's resident status is made at the time of admission. The determination made at that time, any determination made thereafter, prevails for each subsequent semester until information becomes available that would impact the existing residency status and the determination is successfully challenged. The burden of proof rests with the students to show evidence as deemed necessary to establish and maintain their residency status.


A. Residency Form and Non-traditional Student Residency Form

Classification as a resident for tuition payment purposes is not automatic. All admitted students who claim residency in South Carolina or entitlement to in-state tuition are required to complete a residency form. Applicants are classified as out-of-state until the required form has been received and reviewed by a residency officer.

All of the information requested on the form should be provided by the applicant. Incomplete forms will be returned to students for completion. To access the form or to view your form submission status, please login to your application portal at


B. Residency Application and Information

For some students, the information provided on the Residency Form does not clearly point to compliance with State Residency Law. In such cases, students will be asked to complete a Residency Application (see below) and provide the documentation that is required by State Residency Law.

Winthrop University staff members cannot exercise autonomy when rendering residency decisions. All residency applications will be reviewed for compliance with State Residency Law.

Instructions for New Students:

  1. Read the Residency Regulations (pages 1-4 of the Residency Application (pdf 249 kb)
  2. If you believe you may qualify to pay in-state tuition, you should complete the Residency Application (pdf 249 kb), and submit the requested documentation as denoted on the Application Checklist (page 6).
  3. Note that you should select one filing status and submit documentation
    1. For you (and your spouse if applicable) if you are 25 or older.
    2. For you and your parent(s) if you are younger than 25. OR
    3. For you and the person who claimed you as dependent for the tax year immediately preceding the semester that you wish to enroll

NOTE: Graduate and continuing students should submit the Residency Application to the registrar. Click here for the link to the appropriate form.


C. Additional Residency Information

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