Transfer Admission Requirements & Application Process

A completed transfer application must include the following:

  • completed application form;
  • $50 application fee;
  • official transcripts of all post-secondary course work can be mailed directly from each institution attended (even if credit was not earned or transfer credit is not desired) ; or submitted electroinically.
  • an official final high school transcript mailed directly from the high school is required for:
      • transfer applicants who have attempted less than 30 semester [45 quarter] hours of course work at previous institutions; and
      • transfer students who graduated from a South Carolina high school and who wish to be considered for the LIFE Scholarship.

Transfer applicants who have attempted 12 semester (18 quarter) or more hours (excluding courses designated as remedial or developmental) of course work from a regionally accredited institution must present a cumulative grade point ration of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.  (Courses completed for vocational certification will be excluded from consideration for admission and scholarships.)  Applicants must also earn a 2.0 GPR for the last term of attendance.

Transfer applicants who have attempted 11 semester (17 quarter) or fewer hours (excluding courses designated as remedial or developmental) will be evaluated on their performance in college, high school GPA, and SAT or ACT scores. Emphasis will be placed on grades earned in college courses.

Transfer applicants must have official transcripts of all college course work (part- or full-time, attempted or completed) from every institution attended (whether or not credit was earned or desired) sent directly from each institution to the Winthrop University Office of Admissions.

Additional requirements for transfer students with course work completed at foreign institutions: 

Winthrop University does not evaluate or translate transcripts from foreign institutions.  

If you have taken classes at a foreign institution, your application will be considered incomplete until the following documents have been received by the Office of Admissions:

  1. An official copy of the transcript mailed directly from the institution to Winthrop University.  
  2. If the courses were not taught in English, an official English translation is also required. 
  3. An official course-by-course credential evaluation must also be sent to the Office of Admissions. The credential evaluation must be performed by World Education Services ( or by an agency that is a member of NACES (


  1. All transfer applicants must be eligible to return to the last institution attended.
  2. All transfer applicants who have or will complete 45 semester hours of credit before enrolling must declare a major.
  3. Course work posted on the transcripts from institutions other than the original college where work was actually completed is not acceptable. The application will be considered incomplete until a separate transcript from each institution has been received by the Office of Admissions.
  4. Winthrop University reserves the right to request SAT or ACT scores for applicants who have attempted 11 or fewer semester hours of college course work.  Standardized test scores are not required for applicants who have been out of high school for five years or longer.
  5. Note that course work completed at an institution that does not hold accreditation from the commission on colleges or higher education of a regional accreditation agency will be evaluated for transfer credit to Winthrop University on an individual basis.