Event & Meeting Venues

Capacities align with university fire and safety procedures which are based upon various factors such as, egress, equipment, and event needs. These numbers are set to insure the safety and protection of guests and the university. 

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Byrnes Auditorium - Temporarily off-line      
capacity (fixed seats) 3,000
Frances May Barnes Recital Hall Fact Sheet (pdf)
capacity (fixed seats) 200
Tillman Auditorium Fact Sheet (pdf)
capacity (fixed seats) 600
Whitton Auditorium Fact Sheet (pdf)
capacity (fixed seats) 220


Banquets, Receptions, and Ceremonies

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Little Chapel     
capacity (seated at pews) 50  
McBryde Hall - Vera Gruber Batten Dining Hall, Tuttle Dining Room Fact Sheet (pdf)  Video  
Batten capacity (audience style, seated or standing)  600  
Batten capacity (seated at tables) 325  
Tuttle capacity (audience style, seated or standing) 150  
Tuttle capacity (seated at tables) 125  
The Olde Stone House Fact Sheet (pdf)  
capacity (standing) 75  
capacity (conference style) 50  
capacity (seated at tables) 32  
The Shack Fact Sheet (pdf)  
capacity (standing) 100  
capacity (seated at tables) 80  


Outdoor and Recreation Areas

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Eagle Field 
Intramural Fields
Irwin Belk Track 
Terry Field
Winthrop Ballpark 
Winthrop Coliseum