Winthrop University: Expectations For Students At Orientation
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Get the Most Out of Orientation!

  1. Get to know your Orientation Leader! Whether you're completing First Flight and Eagles Landing or attending Sessions 5/G in mid-August, OLs and TOLMs are great resources. They are full of Winthrop knowledge and tips for success. Ask them your questions!
  2. Find your way around campus. You will have many opportunities to explore campus during Orientation. Check out the campus map online and get to know where things are! This will make it much easier to find your classes later on.
  3. Review the in-person Orientation schedule ahead of time. This will help you get a feel for all the events and activities we've planned for you. Each session was purposefully chosen to give you a snapshot of the Winthrop experience. Pay attention because there's a lot to learn!
  4. Find out what WU has to offer you! Take full advantage of First Flight - there's a lot of good information that you'll need to succeed because Winthrop wants you to succeed. At in-person Orientation sessions, make sure to browse the Eagle Resource Fair - there are so many great opportunities to get involved on campus! You can also browse through different offices on the Resources tab on our website.
  5. Make a friend! One goal of Orientation is to provide opportunities to get to know the other new Eagles in your Orientation group. Whether it's virtually or face-to-face, exchange contact information and connect with other students in your Orientation group. Knowing a few new faces will be helpful when you come to campus during the semester.
  6. Set goals. Before starting classes, start thinking about what you want to accomplish during your Winthrop experience. Time will pass more quickly than you expect, so the sooner you get started, the more you'll get out of your time at Winthrop.
  7. Connect with a faculty member - whether it's your advisor, OFM, or other faculty involved with Orientation!

Expectations for Students at In-Person Orientation Sessions

  1. Attend all in-person Orientation activities during your session. If you miss or arrive late to a required activity, you won't have completed your Orientation requirement, you may be required to attend a different session, and a hold may be placed on your account.
  2. Do not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs.
  3. No smoking in campus buildings. There are smoking benches located outside of buildings. Please review Winthrop's smoking policy for more information.
  4. Wear your nametag at all times during Orientation.
  5. Uphold the Student Conduct Code.

Last Updated: 10/4/21