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2021 Student Orientation Coordinators (SOCs)

2021 Student Orientation Coordinators (SOCs)

Terrik Johnson
SOC for Staff
Exercise Science
      Kingstree, SC     
Jasmine Moyd
SOC for Logistics
Chester, SC
Nyssa Hemingway
SOC for Engagement
Political Science
Charleston, SC

You can also contact the SOCs via email (linked above) or by phone at 803/323-2387. Email is likely the quickest way to reach them.

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Graduate Student Staff

Alex ShayAlex Shay

NODA Graduate Intern for Students
Current Graduate Work: Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program at the University of South Carolina
Undergraduate Degree: BA in Mass Communication at the University of South Carolina
Hometown: Wall Township, New Jersey
About Me: Being from New Jersey is a huge part of my personality, I love to talk about it, but South Carolina has been my home for six years, and I am thrilled to spend the summer at Winthrop! I love all things reality TV and Food Network, and am a huge fan of Carolina football! My passion for student affairs is driven by making sure students feel as ready for college as possible, and I am so excited to be a part of Orientation this summer!
Advice for New Eagles: Give yourself grace your first few months of school. Adjusting to a new life and living with a stranger can be hard! Establishing ground rules for your residence hall room is key. Talk things out with your roommate right off the bat: when you usually go to sleep, how messy you can get, etc. Navigating campus is an adjustment, so take the time to walk around campus and get to know the names of buildings and streets. Walking your class schedule is a great way to accomplish this!
Advice for the Parents/Family Members of New Eagles: Your student will be nervous, and it's okay to let them figure it out for themselves. This is a great time for them to build confidence by solving their own problems and handling their responsibilities on their own.
Fun Fact: I was a theatre minor in undergrad!


Bethany SeltzerBethany Seltzer

Graduate Associate for Family Programs
Current Graduate Work: Counseling and Development at Winthrop University
Undergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology at Clemson University
Hometown: I’ve been lucky enough to call quite a few places home throughout my life, but home now is Charlotte, NC!
About Me: I am pursuing a career in School Counseling and am so excited to work with students every day! I love to travel, exercise, and eat good food (Italian is my favorite!). In my free time, I love to read and spend time outdoors. I’m also a mom to a little bunny named Mango!
Advice for New Eagles: Get involved! I promise your college experience will be more meaningful and fulfilling if you get plugged into the campus community. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand something, and don’t stop until you do! Utilize faculty office hours - your professors want to meet you! Make good choices, learn from your mistakes, work hard, and have fun!
Advice for the Parents/Family Members of New Eagles: Trust your student to make the best decisions, and trust that you have equipped them throughout their lives with the tools that they need to be successful during this time of their lives and beyond. They will be okay (and so will you)!
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy the summer after my junior year of college!


Sarah WhaleySarah Whaley

NODA Graduate Intern for Families
Current Graduate Work: Student Affairs Administration graduate program at Appalachian State University
Undergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology at Appalachian State University
Hometown: Boone, NC
About Me: I love hanging out with friends, spending time on the parkway, eating ice cream, and cheering on my App State Mountaineers! I have a passion for serving students and working in Orientation so I am excited to experience this at Winthrop's campus. It is my pleasure to be an honorary Eagle this summer!
Advice for New Eagles: I wish I would have been more open to meeting people outside of my roommates! Finding the right people who you want to live with is important, but they may not always be your built-in best friend like you may hope - and that's ok! Don't be afraid to branch out, meet new people, and see where those new relationships take you!
Advice for the Parents/Family Members of New Eagles: Check on your student on a regular basis throughout their first semester. Students are ready for independence, but it can be a lot sometimes. Sometimes that random text or phone call can make all the difference to debrief or just know someone is thinking about them!
Fun Fact: I have access to an unlimited amount of banana pudding.


NSFP Staff

 Callie Smith, NSFP Director Callie Smith, Director 

Martha Manco
Martha Manco, Office Manager


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