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Mission: The Office of New Student & Family Programs (NSFP) at Winthrop is committed to designing and implementing programs that aid new students in their transition to Winthrop, as well as providing support and programming for families of new and current Winthrop students. NSFP strives to create a welcoming and engaging experience through Orientations offered throughout the year, Welcome Week in August, and Family Day in October, as well as collaboration with campus partners year-round. NSFP is a component of the Department of Student Life. 


New Student Programs

Orientation is a program that is designed to assist new students and their families in adjusting to life as a student at Winthrop University. Throughout each academic year, NSFP introduces incoming freshmen, transfer, and post-traditional students and their families to campus. The program promotes discussion among new students, their families, continuing students, faculty, and staff on the expectations, involvement, and opportunities at Winthrop. We offer several types of Orientation programs to meet the needs of our students and families: Freshmen Orientation, Transfer Orientation, and Family Orientation. Information and schedules for each Orientation session will be available on our website as they become available.


Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is a required two-day optional overnight program beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Day One and ending at approximately 2 p.m. on Day Two. During Orientation, students are assigned to an Orientation Leader (OL) to receive first-hand information and hear about the Winthrop Experience. Freshmen will meet fellow new students, have the option to stay overnight in a Residence Hall, meet with and plan their fall class schedule with an Academic Advisor, and register for classes. Please note that Day 2 of Freshman Orientation lasts until approximately 2 p.m. You should make plans to stay until this time and register for a session that will allow you to stay for the entire program.

During Session IV, residential students will move directly into their assigned residence hall room on the morning of Day 1. Commuter students will return to their off-campus residence at the end of the program on Day 1 and return in the morning for the Day 2 events and to register for fall classes.


Transfer Orientation

Transfer Orientation is a one-day virutal program for sessions B, C & D beginning at approximately 8:00 a.m. and ending around 2:00 p.m.  Session E, is a full day, in-person orientation from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The sessions include experiences designed to allow students to learn about what makes Winthrop different, meet with Academic Advisors, and register for classes. Students are assigned a Transfer Fellows (TF) to assist them with their transition to Winthrop University. Transfer Orientation is co-sponsored by the University College Academic Advising. If you prefer to attend an in-person session, please sign up for Session E on August 8.

Family Orientation

Family Orientation is held in conjunction with each Freshmen and  In-Person Transfer Orientation for up to two parents and/or family members of new students, respectively. Family members are encouraged to attend Family Orientation to learn more about Winthrop and ways they can help support their student as they transition into the Winthrop Community.

Family members coming from out of town attending Freshman or Transfer Orientation may need to make overnight arrangements. Accommodations in Residence Halls are only for freshmen attending the two-day summer sessions. Parents and family members who are attending Family Orientation can view a list of hotels that give a Winthrop discount (pdf 6.5 kb).

New International Students 

All international students are required to attend International Student Orientation through the International Center in addition to Winthrop Orientation. If you are an international student, please contact the International Center for any questions concerning registering and attending either of these Orientations.

Family Programs

At Winthrop, we understand that when a student goes to college, a family goes to college. We know that family members are an important part of the collegiate experience and hope that, through our programs and services, you will receive the knowledge and tools to help support your student during this exciting and challenging time. Family members are encouraged to participate in Family Orientation (more information listed above).

Winthrop's annual Family Day in October provides families the opportunity to visit with their student and take part in numerous activities and events planned for their enjoyment. Families of new and current Winthrop students are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about their student's experience, as well as Winthrop and the surrounding community. More information about Family Day is available on our Family Day webpage.

Families also receive our monthly e-newsletter, which includes articles from various campus offices in addition to other information aimed at helping you to support your student while at Winthrop.


Welcome Week

The events planned during WelcomeWeek are designed to be informative, engaging, and fun. Some sessions provide strategies and tips for academic adjustment, while others help you identify resources and opportunities for involvement on campus. Evening activities offer opportunities for entertainment and making new friends, as well as earning Cultural Events credit for students. All students are expected to attend the mandatory events listed on the schedule (as they apply). These events are designed to assist the student in making a successful transition to Winthrop University. The 2024 Welcome Week schedule will be available in early August on our Welcome Week webpage.


Student Growth & Development

Throughout each part of the Office of New Student & Family Programs listed above, student growth and development is an important component and outcome. In particular, the student leaders who work in the NSFP office gain valuable professional development, leadership and communication skills, time management skills, social and technical skills, and teamwork experience that they are able to connect to any career path they take.


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