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Orientation Leaders

OLs are upperclassmen students at Winthrop who work with new freshmen students and their families at Orientation. These students work hard throughout the spring semester and summer to train and prepare for helping new students in their transition. At Orientation, new students are assigned to an OL who will serve as their Winthrop point person and lead sessions to give students exclusive knowledge on what it means to be a Winthrop Eagle.

(in alphabetical order by first name)


Alana WalkerAlana Walker

Major: Individualized Studies for Higher Education (College of Arts & Sciences)

Hometown: Wilmington, OH
Wisdom for New Eagles: Don't stress about not knowing where everything is! Everyone on campus is here to help you find your way if you're lost. Finding places gets easier and easier until it comes naturally.

How I Chose My Major: I chose to make my own major because I enjoy working with students at the college level and want to make it a career. After this, I'll enroll in a Higher Education graduate program.

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: I was surprised at how understanding the professors are. I was scared they would be intimidating, but they have all been welcoming and understanding.
Fun Fact: I have an adorable cat named Sylvie!


Baten KingBaten King

Major: Music Education (College of Education and College of Visual & Performing Arts)
Hometown: Chester, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Reach out to professors! The more you get to know them, then the more they understand you. Personally, emailing my professors whenever I had concerns or issues helped me improve during the course.

Favorite Place to Eat in Rock Hill: Groucho’s next to campus is my absolute favorite place to eat! It’s right across the street, and it’s good for a quick bite with friends and study dates. Whenever I go, I finish up my small homework assignments there so I am able to go home and focus more on longer assignments.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Edge in the DiGiorgio Campus Center is located close to the food options on the ground floor, and it’s where I get a lot of work done. It’s good to find a spot like that outside of your residence hall.

Fun Fact: I have never been outside of the country!


Becca DieboldBecca Diebold

Major: Special Education (College of Education)
Hometown: Summerville, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Something I wish I had known how important it was to communicate with other people. Being in a new place, living with someone new, and making new friends can be hard. It can be so much harder when you don't communicate with those around you. I overcame this by reaching out, getting to know them, and letting them get to know me. The summer leading up to my first semester was tough for me because of COVID-19, but once it got closer to time, I was super excited!

A Campus Resource I Have Used: One of my favorite and most used resources is the Writing Center. I have used this multiple times during my first year, and it helped me improve my grades on papers. It is super easy to use!

Favorite Place to Eat in Rock Hill: Wing Bonz is amazing and not far from campus! They have so many different options, and it's not really expensive. The fried pickles and onion rings are my favorite, and the ranch is amazing!

Fun Fact: I saw Queen in concert!


Ben KeenanBen Keenan

Major: Computer Science (College of Business Administration) with a minor in Theatre (College of Visual & Performing Arts)
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: One of the most difficult parts for me was understanding all services that are available to students. I was in a major that didn't fit me, but I didn't know what to do. I found out about Career Development & Internships. They were happy to talk to me and helped me get into my current major.

A Campus Resource I Have Used: I was surprised how connected campus is. As a student in the College of Business Administration, I have friends across campus in other majors and colleges. Winthrop really helped me reach out to others I didn’t know would become my best friends.

Favorite Spot on Campus: My favorite spot on campus is The Worm by Johnson. It is a great place to sit and hang out with friends. This statue is one of the most funky places on campus.

Fun Fact: I love to travel! The best place I've been to is Finland!


Brooke StoutBrooke Stout

Major: Human Development & Family Studies (College of Education) with a concentration in Early Childhood Studies and minors in Child & Youth Well-being, Psychology, and Community Based Learning (College of Arts & Sciences)
Hometown: North Canton, OH
Wisdom for New Eagles: My first semester I felt closed off from WU because I only stuck with one friend group and did not meet new people. Make sure to step outside of your comfort zone, branch out, and try new things! This will help you make connections that will last for years to come.

A Campus Resource I Have Used: A campus resource that I have used more times that I can count are the Resident Assistants (RAs). They helped me to grow into who I am now, provided unwavering support and advice, and they also helped me connect with other academic resources across campus. Ironically, I now live with my former RA because we grew so close and formed an amazing friendship!

The Best Advice Given To Me About College: The best advice was to not go home for the first 6 weeks of freshman year. Although home is pretty far away, I was still tempted to hop in my car some weekends and take the trip to go home. Staying on campus really helped me adjust to college life and make more friends.
Fun Fact: I grew up a few miles from the Dance Moms rival studio, Candy Apples!


Carrington WigfallCarrington Wigfall

Major: Theatre Tech & Design (College of Visual & Performing Arts)
Hometown: Huger, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Really get to know your peers at Orientation and during ACAD 101! These are the first people you'll meet and your first friends! You’ll also be around them constantly so form connections now.

How I Chose My Major: I decided to change my major at the last minute during Orientation actually. I realized that theatre was what I really wanted to do. I was able to talk to my OL about it along with my family, and it's been the best decision I ever made!

Favorite Spot on Campus: My favorite spot on campus is the Johnson Hall lobby! Theater, Dance, and Mass Communication majors gather there between classes, and there's never a dull moment! I have the chance to really get to know the people I’ll be working with throughout my years here. Having a common area that we can all call home has helped me a lot!

Fun Fact: I run an Etsy shop where I sell anime related items that are all handmade!


Chelsea GogginsChelsea Goggins

Major: Political Science (College of Arts & Sciences)
Hometown: Whitmire, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Just get out there! My freshman year, I only hung around people I already knew, and I stayed in my room most of the time. That led me to going home every weekend because I thought college was "boring." I encourage you to get out of your room and meet new people because college is more than just homework and classes. The more you get out and meet new people, the more you'll enjoy the college experience!

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My two favorite things about Winthrop are how nice the students are and how diverse the campus is. My high school was not very diverse, so coming here I got to meet new people from different backgrounds than mine. Just hang out on Scholar's and you'll meet so many people!

How I Chose My Major: When I first came to campus, I had a different major. I had taken a political science class  in my first semester, and that's when I decided to change my major. This just feels right and matches with my career goal of becoming a lawyer in the future.

Fun Fact: I did a lot of different sports before college! I've done gymnastics, all types of dance, archery, volleyball, basketball, color-guard, and cheerleading.


Courtney GarrettCourtney Garrett

Major: English Secondary Education (College of Arts & Sciences and College of Education)
Hometown: Andrews, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Do what you love! Coming into college, it may seem like you have to immediately find clubs to join or change to fit your new environment. The wonderful thing I learned about Winthrop is that you are free to be your best and most creative self, so don't hold back and just enjoy being you!

A Campus Resource I Have Used: The Language Lab on the 3rd floor of Kinard Hall really helped me when I took all my French classes. They were ready to sit down and help check over classwork. They were also willing to just have a conversation to help you practice the language.

Favorite Place to Eat in Rock Hill: Burgers and Barley is right beside campus. The food is always fresh, and they have good service!

Fun Fact: I was born on December 24 (Christmas Eve) which works great because I absolutely love the winter time!


D'Avion DeasD'Avion Deas

Major: Psychology (College of Arts & Sciences)
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Always check your Winthrop email! You'll get the latest news of campus and your classes. There are a lot of resources offered if you need help in any class if you need it. 

How I Chose My Major: I chose my major during senior year of high school. I took a psychology class while in high school, and I found I was really interested in it. I wanted to help others who are dealing with mental illness or who just need someone to talk to. I am commonly that friend who everyone tells their problems to, and I am always glad to help. My advice is to pick a major that you are best interested in, and if you find you need to change your major, you can.

The Best Advice Given To Me About College: Always be yourself, and everything will fall into place naturally. There is no one like you so it's best to show who you are so that others can see how awesome you are!

Fun Fact: My highest score on Subway Surfer is 4 million!


Emma OresicEmma Oresic

Major: Elementary Education (College of Education)
Hometown: Bluffton, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Get involved! Whether you're an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, getting involved in student organizations and clubs will introduce you to so many new people and open up new doors for opportunity. Having a support system is so helpful when you're adjusting to this new stage of life.

How I Chose My Major: When considering the choice of my major, I thought about what would truly make me happy, money aside. Knowing a great teacher in high school that graduated from Winthrop had a huge impact on my decision. I knew that I wanted to be just as great of a teacher as her, and I knew WU would prepare me for it!

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: Leaving home for the first time was extremely difficult for me. At first, I felt lonely and sad, always wanting to go home. However, once I met new people and got involved, I finally felt as if I belonged! I have met amazing new friends so far that have different stories to tell.

Fun Fact: I love art and creating fun things! I have painted both the inside of my bedroom door and my window at home!


Jaquarius NormanJaquarius Norman

Major: Middle Level Education - Social Studies (College of Education)
Hometown: Union, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: My first year at Winthrop was quite an adventure. I wish I had known that time goes so quickly and to make the best of it! I found balancing time and socializing to be difficult. I had to learn to "work hard and play hard" in a sense, that I had to prioritize my course work, wake up earlier to get a head start, and set a daily schedule. This way, I could relax, get things done, and hang out with friends. Be prepared to rise to the challenge!

How I Chose My Major: I chose the education route because of my prior experience as a Teacher Cadet in high school and my passion for learning. Being accepted into the Call Me Mister program influenced my decision as well. I enjoy the education courses I'm taking and look forward to working in the field.

The Best Advice Given To Me About College: "The more you know, the more you'll grow." Being at Winthrop has truly changed how I think about the world around me. Courses like HMXP and CRTW take a deep dive into critical thinking and reasoning, opening your mind and providing more knowledge and growth as a person.

Fun Fact: I have never broken a single bone!


Jordan DrewelloJordan Drewello

Major: Individualized Studies for Integrated Social Studies (College of Arts & Sciences) with a minor in Educational Studies (College of Education)
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: My advice is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! We always tend to stay with what is comfortable, but you can find and enjoy so many new experiences and make some amazing friends!

A Campus Resource I Have Used: A resource I have used is the Academic Success Center (ASC). I work as a tutor there currently, and I've also got a tutor when I was struggling in Macroeconomics. The ASC staff is always so helpful, and all the tutors are amazing. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free tutoring!

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: How diverse Winthrop is! It was such a different atmosphere than my high school, and I absolutely love it. I have met so many people from different places around the world with different backgrounds! To this day, I am still learning and would not have this opportunity if it weren't for Winthrop.

Fun Fact: I played the clarinet for 7 years!


Joyden GloverJoyden Glover

Major: Early Childhood Education (College of Education)
Hometown: Saint George, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Leading up to my first semester, I was faced with so much uncertainty and anxiety. No one from my hometown was coming to Winthrop, so I knew that I was going to have to find my people! My biggest struggle was staying true to myself and my character. With the help of Winthrop's Health & Counseling Services, I was able to get myself back on my path to success. This is my advice to you: stay true to yourself and hold grace for those around you. In the future, you won't regret it!

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: The College of Education at Winthrop is one big, happy family. Winthrop is known as one of the best schools for education in SC, and as soon as I became a student here, I knew it was true! Not only do they prepare us to be the best educators we can be, but they also teach us to be the best humans we can be.

The Best Advice Given To Me About College: "Hold grace for yourself." During your first semester, things can be challenging so if and when you mess up, don't beat yourself up about it. When I hold grace for myself, I allow myself to mess up then learn from my mistakes.

Fun Fact: When I was younger, all of my favorite foods were vegetables!


Kamron HillKamron Hill

Major: Environmental Sciences (College of Arts & Sciences) with minors in Music (College of Visual & Performing Arts) and Healthcare Management (College of Business Administration)
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: I wish that I would have known to get out and get to know people! Don't be scared to talk to everyone, especially in your classes. Once you get the ball rolling, you meet friends through other friends along the way.

Favorite Place to Eat in Rock Hill: I love Amelie's Cafe! I don't usually care for sweets, but their treats are delicious! It's nice to get off campus for a bit, and you can even walk there.

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: I was honestly surprised by the amount of free time I had because in high school, my schedule was decided for me with classes and clubs. Use your time wisely and get involved here on campus. I had to learn how to structure my day myself so that I got everything done and still had time for fun.

Fun Fact: I am the oldest of 7 kids!


Laurel LampleyLaurel Lampley

Major: Human Nutrition (College of Arts & Sciences)
Hometown: West Columbia, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Don't be worried about fitting in or meeting new people. There are many opportunities to get involved to find people you connect with. Just make sure to get out of your room and participate - and talk to people in your classes!

Favorite Spot on Campus: Definitely Scholar's Walk! It's right in the middle of campus. I love sitting on the benches and watching the sunset! It's a great place to relax outside.

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: My biggest surprise was that everything is up to me. I made the decision whether to go to class or not (go to class!), what to eat, when to get work done, etc. Using a planner really helped me stay on top of everything and make the best choices.

Fun Fact: I'm the only left-handed OL!


Mackenzie MillerMackenzie Miller

Major: Chemistry (College of Arts & Sciences) with a minor in Music (College of Visual & Performing Arts)
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Don't procrastinate! I did this a lot in my first semester, and it caused a lot of unnecessary stress. The way that I overcame this is to make sure I have all my work done by Friday afternoon, so I don't have to worry about school over the weekend.

How I Chose My Major: I always knew that I wanted to do something in science. I think the person who influenced my decision most was my high school chemistry teacher. He was so passionate about his job that he made everyone enjoy his class, and it made me realize that chemistry was something I wanted to continue with.

Favorite Spot on Campus: It's a tie between the Amphitheater and Bancroft Hall! I love the Amphitheater because it has the best places to hammock when the weather is nice. It is also my favorite place to do school work. I love Bancroft because it has a lot of different sitting areas and is very quiet for school work.

Fun Fact: I foster animals for the York County Humane Society!


Molly DuncanMolly Duncan

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management (College of Business Administration) and a minor in Chemistry (College of Arts & Sciences)
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Time management was super hard for me my first year. So I recommend that you stay organized. Try using a planner or calendar so that you stay on top of all of your assignments and meetings.

The Best Advice Given to Me During My First Year: Stay on campus on the weekends! There is so much going on either on campus or in Rock Hill. You are never bored, and the My Ride Buses can take you off campus if you don't have a car. It's also a good opportunity to get to know the other people that live in your residence hall! The more time you spend on campus, the more you'll feel at home here.

Favorite Spot on Campus: I love the Campus Green - especially in the spring! People are usually outside hanging out on the Green all day long, just lounging around or even playing kickball.

Fun Fact: I harness-trained my cat! I have even taken him for a walk.


Vanessa SteenVanessa Steen

Major: English Secondary Education (College of Arts & Sciences and College of Education)
Hometown: Heath Spring, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Be open and receptive to advice. Even though your experience will be unique to you, I personally have never gotten advice that wasn't helpful.

A Campus Resource I Have Used: I have used Counseling Services (part of HCS)! It was helpful because I was able to talk through the burnout I was experiencing and get tips to stay engaged throughout the semester. Plus, it's free for Winthrop students so don't hesitate to use your free sessions.

The Biggest Surprise about Coming to Winthrop and/or College for the First Time for Me: I was surprised and challenged to find out that time management in college is a lot harder than in high school. I had to figure out how to stay up-to-date with my studies while also making time for friends and for myself. Keeping a detailed planner really helped me!

Fun Fact: I run a photography business!


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