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Orientation Leaders

OLs are upperclassmen students at Winthrop who work with new freshmen students and their families at Orientation. These students work hard throughout the spring semester and summer to train and prepare for helping new students in their transition. At Orientation, new students are assigned to an OL who will serve as their Winthrop point person and lead sessions to give students exclusive knowledge on what it means to be a Winthrop Eagle.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Alana WalkerAlaina McIlwain

Major: Early Childhood Education (College of Education)

Hometown: Newtown, PA

Wisdom for New Eagles: Your mental health really matters. I struggled with depression my first year and I didn't understand why I was feeling the way I felt. I wish I would have known more about the counseling services offered here on campus. I encourage new freshman to use the free counseling offered at Winthrop and to listen to their mind and body and seek help when they need it.
Favorite Thing About Winthrop: I love the community that Winthrop has. We build each other up and support one another. My professors have also been amazing and I have loved getting to know them and the course material that they teach. 

Fun Fact: My hair once caught on fire.


D'Avion Deas

D'Avion Deas

Major: Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Be okay with not knowing everything or having all the answers. College is like running a marathon and you have to pace yourself in order to reach the finish line. Make the best out of where you are in the present moment.  

A Campus Resource I Have Used:The Academic Success Center (ASC) has been incredibly helpful to my academic career. I was struggling in a class, so I went to the ASC and got a tutor. It was my first time using this resource, and my tutor was so amazing that I was reassured that I made the right decision by seeking help. 

Fun Fact: My name came from the TV show, Sister, Sister.


Becca DieboldDe'Ja Young

Major: Social Work (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI
Wisdom for New Eagles: Find what interests you and go through with is. College is a place to find what you like and who you are. Don't waste it. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: I have used the Writing Center and the Academic Success Center a lot since coming to Winthrop. I feel like the help I have received from them is a large part of why I have succeeded in my classes this year. 

Fun Fact: I saw Queen in concert!

Ben KeenanDesiree' Rahn

Major: Elementary Education (College of Education) 
Hometown: Bamberg, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Do not be afraid. As a first year student, I did not put myself out there as much as I wished I would have due to fear of judgement. Winthrop is not a place where people judge you, but a place where they welcome you in all the unique ways that you are. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: The Writing Center is a major resource that I use here at Winthrop. The have amazing staff and services! 

Fun Fact: I am a big nerd when it comes to books. I am currently building what I call a "Life's Library," of all the books that I have read. 


Brooke StoutEmma Oresic

Major: Elementary Education (College of Education)
Hometown: Bluffton, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Get involved on campus! I have met my best friends by getting involved and have made incredible connections with peers and faculty. By getting involved at Winthrop, I am confident that I am prepared for my future and can enter into the professional world after graduation. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is that there is always something going on. Ranging from Cook-Offs in Eagle Eatery to Wuchella and Wucon organized by the DiGiorgio Student Union, WU is always a fun place to be. 
Fun Fact: I like to paint my own nails! 




Carrington WigfallErica Jenkins

Major: Business Administration (College of Business Administration) with double concentrations in Management and Accounting
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Please do not be afraid to ask for and be open to receiving help! There are many different resources on campus that can help you with just about anything you may need. Especially utilize your professors! 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the wonderful people. Being able to meet people like me and different from me helps me to branch out and make new friends. Also, I love the inclusion they have for students like me! 

Fun Fact: I am the youngest of three girls and I am double jointed in my arms!



Chelsea GogginsHailey Warner

Major: Early Childhood Education (College of Education)
Hometown: North Augusta, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: As a new student, please make sure to use all the campus resources that you can. Winthrop has so many resources in place to help you succeed! 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is all the organizations and clubs that are offered on campus. If there is not one for you, you can make one up! 

Fun Fact: I wheeze when I laugh too hard. 



Courtney GarrettJade Scott

Major: Business Administration (College of Business Administration) with a concentration in Marketing
Hometown: Clemson, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Embrace every experience as a learning opportunity, regardless of the otucome. College is meant to be an experience where we are figuring things out and learning who we want to be. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is how easy it has been to connect with people. The accessibility of involvement in organizations and the friendly environment has allowed me to make friendships that I know will last a lifetime!

Fun Fact: I have six siblings and they are a huge part of who I am!



D'Avion DeasJaden Gamble

Major: Political Science (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Florence, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: It's important to study! College is a different ball game than high school, and setting up time to prioritze studying will be critical. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: As a first generation college student, I felt a little unsure as to if I would succeed. During Welcome Week, the many events that were centered around first-gen students was really encouraging. I felt the sense of home that Winthrop provides, and that is my favorite thing! 

Fun Fact: I was a marching band kid! 



Emma OresicJennah Steffey

Major: Social Studies Education (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Even though this is your first year and you may miss being around your family all the time, stay on campus on the weekends! 

A Campus Resource I Have Used : I have used the Center for Student Wellness services. These services are included in your tuition, so if you are not feelings well, you can make an appointment with an on campus healthcare professional.

Fun Fact: My birthday is 01/02/03.




Jaquarius NormanJulius DeMunn

Major: Integrated Marketing Communication (College of Business Administration) 
Hometown: Sumter, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: If you are undecided about what you would like to study, begin school as an Undeclared major. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: A campus resource I have used is the Center for Career Development and Internships. I needed help getting my resume together before applying for senior year internships. Thanks to the faculty in the CDI, I was able to condense my resume and make it more professional to submit to employers. 

Fun Fact: Before I came to Winthrop, I had never missed a day of school from Kindergarden through 12th grade. 




Jordan DrewelloKaitny Stroman

Major: Human Nutrition with a Concentration in Dietetics 
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Trust that everything will work out the way that it is supposed to. The people I have met and the connections I have made have greatly impacted my college experience. I am very grateful for the people I have met! 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the sunsets. Watching the sunset from the Campus Green with friends helps me to relax and find peace after a long day of classes. 

Fun Fact: My favorite place to eat in Rock Hill is the Sweet Tea Cafe or Wingbonz. 



Joyden GloverKamron Hill

Major: Environmental Science (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Do not be afraid to network and meet new people. You never know what opportunities are out there!

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: Wintrop is a smaller school, so you will see a familiar face wherever you go!

Fun Fact: I am the oldest of 7 siblings! 






Kamron HillKhadeejha Jones

Major: Fine Arts (College of Visual and Performing Arts) with a concentration in Photography (College of Visual and Performing Arts)
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Get involved! I spent much of my freshman year in my residence hall completing assignments, and looking back I wish I would have joined more clubs and organizations. It is never too late to get involved, but start as soon as you can! 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: One campus resource I have used is the computer lab in DIGS. If the library isn't open or my laptop isn't working, the computer lab is a great place to go to finish assignments.

Fun Fact: My name is from Living Single (just spelled differently). Coincidentally, the actress and I have the same birthday! 



Laurel LampleyRaquel Simon

Major: Mass Communication (College of Arts and Sciences)  
Hometown: Boiling Springs, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Don't be afraid to meet new people, believe in yourself, and reach out to people back home whenever you need some extra support. Find your family at school and grow, but don't forget who yo uare and what makes you, you. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: The West Center is a great place to work out on your own or take a fitness class. Cardio Hip-Hop is really fun! 

Fun Fact: I don't like candy or chocolate! 




Mackenzie MillerRyan Harris

Major: Biology (College of Arts and Sciences) with a Minor in Educational Studies (College of Education) 
Hometown: Florence, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Mange your time wisely! During my first year, I found myself being very forgetful and not setting aside time to eat a good meal until after all my classes were finished for the day. If you manage your time and find a balance between school and taking care of yourself, you will be just fine! 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: Dacus Library is a great place to find information for research projects and to even check out books to read. You can scan pages from textbooks, print papers, have a librarian find sources for your papers with Rent-A-Librarian, and much more! 

Fun Fact: I listen to almost any genre of music and have a playlist dedicated to songs in foreign languages, including Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. 


Molly DuncanSean Pennington

Major: Mathematics (College of Arts and Sciences) with a Minor in Educational Studies (College of Education)
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: I wish I had known that it is okay to ask for help. Coming into Winthrop, I did not want to ask for help because I did not want to be embarrassed for not knowing something. When I got here, it was very easy for me to ask questions  because everyone at Winthrop is very helpful. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: I have used the Math Tutorial Center (MTC) for one of my math classes. This resource was very helpful because I was able to immediately get help from soemone for my classwork due the next day.

Fun Fact: I know all the capitals of all 50 states. 


Vanessa SteenZieya Robinson

Major: English (College of Arts and Sciences)

Hometown: Columbia, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: It is important to remember that communication is crucial when attending college at Winthrop. If you have difficulties, talk to your professors and other faculty who can help. They can help you get what you need to succeed. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: Winthrop's inclusion, in terms of how everyone is accepted and cherished on campus, is one of my favorite aspects of the university. Even though the school is small, everyone makes you feel important and included.

Fun Fact: I am very creative. 



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