Orientation Leaders

OLs are upperclassmen students at Winthrop who work with new freshmen students and their families at Orientation. These students work hard throughout the spring semester and summer to train and prepare for helping new students in their transition. At Orientation, new students are assigned to an OL who will serve as their Winthrop point person and lead sessions to give students exclusive knowledge on what it means to be a Winthrop Eagle.

(in alphabetical order by first name)



OL- A'KashaA'Kasha Hampton

Major: Business Administration w/concentration in Human Resources (College of Business Administration)

Hometown:Charleston, SC

Wisdom for New Eagles: My advice to you all is to make sure you go to class , get to know your professors and making sure you getting out and explore. I know it may be hard because you’re all on your own, but getting involved will change that quickly. Just be you and you will be just fine. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: Being at Winthrop has really been one of the best things ever in my whole entire life. I really enjoy the campus life and have really met some great people . The professors are awesome not only do they want you to come to class and do work. They want to see you succeed in real life. I also enjoy they various opportunities that are offered to the students.

Fun Fact: I was on four different Billboards in my hometown.


OL- Alexa KateAlexa Kate Bagwell

Major: Middle Level Education with a concentration in Mathematics
Hometown: Clinton, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: It was a whole new direction for me. Being away from everyone and learning how to meet new people but I loved going out and getting involved through campus organizations that helped meet so many people who share similar interests in me. It has helped the transition become more easy and have life long friends. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is that there is always a way to get involved. Our campus has so much to offer for any student to find something to get into!

Fun Fact: I am apart of the newly Winthrop Cheerleading Team with the Spirit Squad.


OL- ArynAryn King

Major: Pyschology with a minor in Human Resources Management
Hometown: Chester, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Prioritize you! Being on campus or even just starting college in general can be a lot mentally it is important to both push yourself but recognize your limits. Mental health is extremely important when navigating where you are in life right now!

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: The people here! I’ve meet so many nice people here and because of the size of Winthrop you can always see a friendly face!

Fun Fact: I know how to tap dance!

OL- CaitlinCaitlin Golson

Major: Social Work
Hometown: Irmo, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: In my first semester it was hard making friends because I was so sheltered coming into college. I didn’t realize how different high school and college was academically no matter how many Ap classes I took in high school.I over came this by really sitting down and putting in the work.

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite things about Winthrop is the close connections I got to make. I enjoy Winthrop being a small campus. Lastly, I love how Winthrop is very inclusive. 

Fun Fact: I am a baton twirler, I'm a Virgo and I hate peanut butter. 


OL- DonovonDonovon Bush 

Major: Educational Studies with a double concentration in Early Childhood and Elementary Education 
Hometown: Greenwood, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Advice for upcoming new students is to take advantage of the various resources that are available on campus. Such as the Academic Success Center, Writing, and utilizing professor’s office hours for assistance on assignments.

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the inclusive and diversity. Where it is a family-orientated community where everyone knows each other. 
Fun Fact:A fun fact about me is that I was in band and I played the trombone and tuba. 


OL HaileyHailey Warner

Major: Early Childhood Education (College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences)
Hometown: North Augusta, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: As a new student, please make sure to use all the campus resources that you can. Winthrop has so many resources in place to help you succeed! 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is all the organizations and clubs that are offered on campus. If there is not one for you, you can make one up! 

Fun Fact: I am working on two video games.


D'Avion Deas

Jaden Gamble

Major: Political Science (College of Arts and Sciences)
Hometown: Florence, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: It's important to study! College is a different ball game than high school, and setting up time to prioritize studying will be critical. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: As a first generation college student, I felt a little unsure as to if I would succeed. During Welcome Week, the many events that were centered around first-gen students was really encouraging. I felt the sense of home that Winthrop provides, and that is my favorite thing! 

Fun Fact: I was a marching band kid! 




OL- KaylaKayla Hall 

Hometown: Edgefield, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Everyone says get involved and I believe in that completely. It can just be getting to know people in your class and making connections to do school work. Having this can help you when you are struggling with any assignment. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: Anywhere you go on Winthrop’s campus, you can find people that are having a good time. Winthrop has an amazing community and the people are willing to meet new people to hang out with. Making new friends every week is amazing to get to know more and more people at Winthrop. 

Fun Fact: I am certified in phlebotomy, electrocardiography, patient care, and basic life support.


OL- KennedyKennedy Brown

Major: Social Work with a minor in Political Science
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: One piece of advice that I have is get involved. Being involved on campus will encourage you open up and make friends.

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop are the different clubs and organizations that they have. I also enjoy the classes.

Fun Fact: I spend most of my free time learning Japanese





OL- KhamrynKhamryn Pollock

Major: Biology with minor in Chemistry
Hometown: Woodruff, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Time management is key to your success in college. Also it’s ok to do things by yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Take time to learn who you are, you don’t have to follow the crowd. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is how easy it is to make friends and feel comfortable. The majority of people here are extremely nice and want to see us all succeed so it’s nice to feel like you have other people on your side.

Fun Fact:I am apart of the first official majorette team that is apart of the Winthrop spirit squad. We dance at the basketball games! 


OL- MasonMason Hall

Major: Theatre Education (College of Visual and Performing Arts)
Hometown: Clover, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Focus on your mental health!! Reach out to others when you’re struggling and use resources on campus for help! You are never alone or helpless!

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: Winthrop is built on a strong community. At this school you will never be alone or feel like resources aren’t there for your success! 

Fun Fact: I had the honor of being in someone’s original staged reading of their script here at Winthrop! If it gets published and produced my name will always be in the script as an original performer in it!


OL-MelondaMelonda Sullivan

Major: Dance Education
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: Communication is key! Connect with your professors if you need help and never be afraid to ask questions.

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the dance classes! The professors make classes super fun and engaging. 

Fun Fact: I do colorguard! 





Molly Duncan

Sean Pennington

Major: Mathematics (College of Arts and Sciences) with a Minor in Educational Studies (College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences)
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: I wish I had known that it is okay to ask for help. Coming into Winthrop, I did not want to ask for help because I did not want to be embarrassed for not knowing something. When I got here, it was very easy for me to ask questions  because everyone at Winthrop is very helpful. 

A Campus Resource I Have Used: I have used the Math Tutorial Center (MTC) for one of my math classes. This resource was very helpful because I was able to immediately get help from someone for my classwork due the next day.

Fun Fact: I know all the capitals of all 50 states. 


OL-TyTy Smith

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Ridgeville, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: As a new student coming in i would say he open-minded and have confidence within yourself. Being open-minded will allow you to accept new things and really experience the “college experience”. Having confidence will allow you to not be afraid of asking your professors questions or making friends.

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the atmosphere and the activity availability. Hanging out with friends in Digs made my experience better. The West Center has various activities such as racquetball and basketball allowing you to try new things.

Fun Fact: I was born with twelve fingers 


OL- ZariaZaria Graham

Major: Social Work with a concentration in Human Development and Family Studies
Hometown: Orangeburg, SC
Wisdom for New Eagles: My advice for new students would be to take advantage of the resources offered at Winthrop and to attend events. The best way to start networking and making the best of your experience is to attend events. 

Favorite Thing About Winthrop: My favorite thing about Winthrop is Hardin Garden. I love to go there any time during the day and just sit to take everything in. I do homework, study , listen to music , and even do yoga.

Fun Fact: I play golf for fun.



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