New Student and Family Programs

Spring Orientation 

Spring Orientation is required for all new students whose first semester at Winthrop will be in Spring 2024. The purpose of Spring Orientation is to provide new students, both freshmen and transfer students, with the information, support and resources necessary to begin their academic journey. There are two Spring Orientation sessions, a Transfer-only session in November 2023 and a session for Freshmen and Transfer students in January 2024.

If you're in the area before or after your Orientation session, we encourage you to explore and get your bearings!

Spring Orientation 2024 Dates

Session A: Friday, January 5, 2024 (Freshmen and Transfer Students; in-person full day)

        Session A Student Schedule | Session A Family Schedule

All students are required to participate in all Orientation events on their Orientation day in order to register for classes. Session N in November will be held virtually. Students registered for Session N will receive an e-mail the night before (around 8 p.m.)  their session with a link to join the next morning. Session A in January will be held in-person on campus, and students will receive an e-mail with details a few days beforehand.

Spring Orientation Registration Information & Academic Advising

All new students should register for Spring Orientation through their Admissions Portal. Once you register for Spring Orientation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you attend Session N, you will meet with your Academic College during Orientation, and advising and course registration will occur the following week. If you attend Session A, you will meet with your Academic College during Orientation, and advising and course registration will also occur during Orientation.

Residential Student Information for Spring 2024

If you are living on campus for the Spring semester, and are registerd to attend Session A in January 2024, you will be eligible to move-in on Thursday, January 4, 2024, after 4 p.m. in order to attend Orientation the next day. Please check your e-mail in December for inforamtion from Residence Life.


Parking on Campus

Students and families parking on campus for Orientation Session A will need to either:

Placement Test Information for Spring 2024

Math Placement Exam:

Students required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam (based on major) should follow these instructions in order to do so before Orientation.

Language Placement Exam:

Students in majors that require a foreign language and who wish to continue in their study of French, German, or Spanish should plan to take the Language Placement Test before registering for classes. By putting off continuation of their language studies until a later semester, students often lose the level of proficiency they have acquired, performing at a lower level, and have difficulty fitting language courses (which often meet four days a week) into their schedule before graduation. Students with majors that don’t require a foreign language do not need to take the test - although they are encouraged to do so if they have any background and/or interest in language studies, which are increasingly useful in the pursuit of most careers.

How to Take the Language Placement Exam:

To take the exam, which generally takes 10-20 minutes, follow the instructions listed below. Once you have finished, e-mail Dr. Shinabargar, the Chair of World Languages and Cultures, with a screen shot of your score, and he will advise you regarding the most appropriate class.

  1. Go to the Language Placement Exam online.
  2. Enter your information to register and create an account (using your Winthrop e-mail).
  3. Click "Create Account."
  4. Click "Sign In."
  5. Sign in using your Winthrop e-mail address and password you just used to create your account. (You can sign in again anytime using your account information at the log in page.)
  6. From the Dashboard, select the language(s) you would like to take by clicking on "Take Test," and proceed through the exam.
  7. Once you have finished, take a screen shot of your score and include the screenshot (along with your name and WUID) in an e-mail to Dr. Shinabargar, the Chair of World Languages and Cultures, and he will advise you regarding the most appropriate class to take and give any necessary overrides.

Spring Family Orientation

At Winthrop, we understand that when a student goes to college, a family goes to college. We hope to provide tools and resources to the families of our new students that will provide more about Winthrop and help you in supporting your student here. Spring Family Orientation will be offered concurrently during Session A in January for parents and family members of new students. In early January, registered family members will receive an e-mail with details a few days beforehand. Students should register their families when they register for Orientation through the Admissions Portal. 

Session N is a virutal student only session, and Family Orientation is not offered.

Welcome Weekend Activities

Join your Transfer Fellows (TFs) for a fun kick-off to your first weekend as a Winthrop student! Contact University College Academic Advising at 803/323-4784 or via e-mail at with questions about Welcome Weekend events.

International Students

New undergraduate international students are required to attend New Student Orientation for spring on Friday, January 5, 2024, as well as International Orientation. Please contact the International Center at 803/323-2133 regarding Orientation requirements and accommodations. 

Transfer Credit Evaluator

We encourage all of our transfer students to use the self-service Transfer Credit Evaluator, a tool that will help you explore Winthrop majors and determine how your credits will transfer.

Students with Disabilities

To request accessibility accommodations for Orientation, please provide information about your needs through the Orientation Registration process, and we will work with you on your request. Please note that both Orientation and Family Orientation do involve a good bit of walking around campus (if the sessions are in-person, on campus). Winthrop University does not have wheelchairs, scooters, or other equipment available for rent, so please plan to bring or rent your own equipment for your visit, sufficient for your needs.

Questions or Concerns

Contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs via e-mail at