Emergency Response Plans

Residence Hall Plan: Earthquake

Annex: Earthquake Response Plan

Department: Residence Life

Departmental Emergency Contact: Winthrop University Police Department

A. Purpose:

The purpose of this plan is to establish the policy and procedures to be followed in the event of an earthquake in the residence halls.

B. Priorities:

  1. To seek immediate refuge to protect yourself from falling objects.
  2. After the initial tremor, evaluate your situation and if you need emergency assistance, call the Winthrop University Police Department at 323-2223. 

C. Expectations for Employees and Students:

  1. In the event of an earthquake, Residence Life staff should respond according to the information provided by the ALERTUS Emergency System (building beacons and computer monitor pop-up messages).
  2. Activate the Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan."
  3. Be prepared for aftershocks and protect yourself at all times.
  4. Be aware of any structural damage around you and if necessary activate the "Building Evacuation Plan."
  5. Await further orders from the Winthrop University Police Department or the ALERTUS Emergency System. 

D. Communications:

Immediate communications will be made through the ALERTUS or WU Alert notification systems whenever possible. Other notification systems may be employed as well.

The Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan" will be activated.

Residence Life, 803/323-2223

E. Responsibility and Control:

Residence Life staff will have control of the students in the residence halls. Once an emergency responder arrives on scene, control will shift and Residence Life staff will assist as directed.

F. Emergency and Training Plans:

Review and be familiar with the Residence Life sheltering areas appropriate for earthquakes, "Building Evacuation Plan" and "Crisis Communication Plan."