Emergency Response Plans

Residence Hall Plan: Building Evacuation

Annex: Building Evacuation Plan

Department: Residence Life

In the event a residence hall needs to be evacuated, Residence Life staff will activate the building alarm system and instruct students to leave the building.

  1. Students should walk quickly to the nearest exit and ask others to do the same.
  2. Residence Life staff will knock on doors and evacuate the building using the internal procedures established by each staff team.
  3. Activate the Residence Life Crisis Communication Plan.
  4. Residence Life staff should be aware of any disabled individuals and assist them in exiting the building.
  5. Once outside, Residence Life staff members will meet at the designated staff team location. Report any pertinent information to the emergency responders.
  6. Resident Assistants then meet their residents at the floor's designated area specified by the Resident Assistant at the beginning of the semester.
  7. Wait for further instructions or the all clear from the Winthrop University Police Department or emergency responders.

Prior to building evacuation each Residence Life staff member should:

  1. Be equipped with a flashlight and whistle (in case the fire alarm fails to sound).
  2. Know the location of your fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations.
  3. Develop your own internal procedures and check in system with your staff team. Each staff team will designate a place outdoors where they will check in and exchange pertinent information. Resident Assistants will then proceed to meet with their floor residents at floor's designated location.
  4. Each residence hall floor needs to be informed of the designated location to meet once they have evacuated the building at the first floor meeting of the academic year.
  5. Know where your fire system master panel and box are located to assist emergency responders.
  6. Be aware of any disabled residents and establish a special evacuation plan. This plan is to be implemented for visually and hearing impaired students, those who use wheelchairs and crutches, as well as those who have difficulty walking out of the building but do not use mechanical assistance. It is necessary to stay alert and monitor students for injuries, room changes, and withdrawals so helpers can be assigned or reassigned.
    • Recruit at least three (3) people for each disabled student to assume responsibility for assisting them with evacuation.
    • Each person recruited should know the location of the disabled student and his/her limitations as well as his/her capacity for self help.
    • The disabled student should know who has volunteered to be of help.

Prior to building evacuation residents will be informed that if they are in their rooms to:

  1. Close all windows.
  2. Open any drapes or blinds.
  3. Turn on the lights.
  4. Turn off all electrical appliances.
  5. Take a towel, coat, flashlight, and wear shoes.
  6. Proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building.
  7. Meet the Resident Assistant at the floor's designated place outside and away from the building.
  8. Remain away from the building until the all clear signal is given.