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Weekend Traditional Program

The Weekend Traditional Master of Social Work Program is a 60 credit hour three-year part-time program designed for students who are employed in a human services setting. The Program offers a concentration in Empowerment Practice across systems (individuals and families, small groups, and communities and organizations).

 Weekend Program courses consist of five distinct components:

  1. An initial independent study period during which readings and assignments are completed in preparation for the initial on-campus weekend of class.
  2. A three-day weekend of class (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 8:30a.m.5:00p.m.)
  3. Another independent study period, during which additional readings and written assignments are completed in preparation for the second on-campus weekend.
  4. A two-day weekend of class (Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 a.m.5:00 p.m.).
  5. A final study period during which the final course assignment is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Admissions Requirements (pdf 69 KB)

M.S.W. Information Sessions 

Charlotte Regional Partnership

Course Work

Weekend Program Class Attendance Policy

Because each course in the Weekend Program consists of five intensive class meeting days, students are expected to attend all classes. Students who are absent for more than the equivalent of one day of class in a course will not receive credit for the course. Absences must be requested through the course instructor. Because courses are sequenced, the need to re-take a course can delay a student's progression through the Program.

Course Meeting Dates (pdf 159 KB)

Plan of Courses (pdf 499 KB)

Field Instruction

Graduate Professional Certificate Program in Management

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For questions regarding the M.S.W. program, please contact the Department of Social Work Admissions Office 803/323-3396. The Department offers several Graduate Associate positions and Scholarships for M.S.W. students. 

For questions regarding applications, tuition, and fees, please contact Graduate Studies 803/323-2204.


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