Department of Social Work - The Minor

Social Work

Minor in Social Welfare

The minor in social welfare is primarily intended for students who plan to enter a human services related field or who are simply interested in social work because of its significance to modern society.  It addresses major social problems and issues that challenge the helping professions.  The social welfare minor is designed for students interested in the general social welfare field who do not plan to enter into professional social work practice. Social Work majors may NOT minor in Social Welfare.

The Social Welfare minor consists of 15 semester hours of social work to include SCWK 200, SCWK 305, SCWK 306, SCWK 321 and 3 credit hours of additional social work courses.

Minor in Child and Youth Well-Being

The minor in Child and Youth Well-being is open to all undergraduate students, including Social Work majors. This minor is designed for students interested in exploring basic domains of child and youth well-being: (a) cognitive functioning, (b) physical health and development, (c) behavioral/emotional functioning, and (d) social functioning as well as policies and practices that affect the well-being of children and youth. 

The Child and Youth Well-being Minor consists of 18 credit hours that must include SCWK 306, SCWK 523, and SCWK 533, 6 credits of approved course work above 299, and at least 2 electives selected from the approved list of course work. Approved electives include: PSYCH 101, PSYCH 206, PSYCH 213, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 402, PSYCH 408, PSYCH 411, PSYCH 522, SOCL 101, SOCL 201, SOCL 302, SOCL 303, SOCL 305, SOCL 313, SOCL 314, PLSC 321, NUTR 101, NUTR 421, WMST 305, HDFS 101.

Last Updated: 7/3/19