Social Work

BSW/MSW Practicum Instruction

Practicum instruction is an educationally directed program that provides the student with learning opportunities to develop skills for generalist and specialized social work practice.

Internship Guidelines

All students are required to fill out a practicum application prior to any practicum / field placement. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) degree seeking students engage in meaningful social work experiences within the social work practice community. Students get real world experience in working in a professional environment with real constituents  


BSW Internships 

BSW education and practicum / field experience is based on “generalist” social work practice. BSW students are expected to achieve competency in generalist practice behaviors that are provided by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). BSW students complete a “block style” practicum n/ field placement in their final semester before graduation. They are required to complete 450 practicum / field hours in an approved field agency. This means that students are expected to work approximately 30 - 35 hours per week in an agency. 

BSW Practicumn / Field applications are accepted for fall and spring placements only.

MSW Internships 

Winthrop’s MSW program has been accredited since its inception in 2007 and we are currently using CSWE’s 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards.  Our program’s specialization is Empowerment Practice. There are a variety of practicumn / field placement curriculum models/structures for MSW students enrolled at Winthrop University, depending on the student’s program option (i.e. campus-based, full-time, part-time, or online) 

The Winthrop Department of Social Work follows all federal guidelines for internship placement as outlined by the Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act.


Employment Based Field

If you are a working student and are interested in using your place of employment as your  Practicum / Field Site, please contact the Practicum Office for more information about the specific requirements for employment-based practicum /field placements.


Practicum / Field Management Software

BSW students are not required to use a Practicumn / Field Management Software (LiveText or Tevera) at this time. 



MSW students student enrolled prior to Spring 2021 utilize LIVETEXT by WatermarkTM while enrolled in Field. For support and login instructions please see below.


The Winthrop University MSW program uses an online electronic practicumn / field software system called Tevera.  Current students (admitted after Spring 2021), are required to purchase and use Tevera. When it comes time for your practicum / field application process to begin, you will receive an e-mail from Tevera asking you to register as a user.  Purchase is required for students (current cost is $195 and is subject to change). Purchase is not required for practicum / field instructors/community partners but you will be sent the same registration/account set-up link.  

For more information on Tevera, please contact the practicum / field office at and we will answer your questions.  

Tevera will allow you to:  

  • Complete your MSW practicum / field application and preliminary paperwork required to begin the placement process

  • Confirm your Practicum / Field Placement and Practicum / Field Instructor

  • Track practicum / field hours toward graduation 

  • Run Attendance reports for your practicum / field instructors 

  • Automate the process for submitting course practicum / field assignments, practicum /field evaluations, and other program assessments/forms during your practicum / field education experience


Downloadable Practicum / Field Manual


Practicum / Field Office

803/323-3386 (fax)

Nikole J. Kidd, LMSW
Practicum / Field Director