Social Work

Scholarships and Awards

Social Work Department Scholarships

Please read the requirements for each scholarship application carefully. A call for applications will be sent to all current and newly-admitted students in the Spring. Applications are accepted during Spring and Summer. Money is awarded during the next academic year (Fall and Spring). All applications should be submitted to the Scholarship Committee

Graduate School Scholarships

 There are several scholarships available from the Winthrop Graduate School for current and newly-admitted MSW students, including those listed below. Additional information is available at the Graduate School PageGraduate Foundation Scholarship Applications are due March 15 for Fall awards and October 15 for Spring awards. Please submit directly to the Scholarship CommitteeElizabeth Hope Reed Fellows Scholarship Applications are due March 1. Applications should be completed online via this link.

Graduate Associate Positions

The Department of Social Work offers a range of Social Work Graduate Associate (GA) positions available to M.S.W. students. These positions include a tuition waiver and hourly wage. The Graduate School also lists graduate associate positions in other offices that M.S.W. students may be able to apply for. All GA positions come with a tuition grant and hourly pay.

Student Awards

The Social Work Department holds a Student Awards Ceremony every spring to recognize student excellence, both in Academics and during Field Placement. Students may be nominated by faculty or peers anytime before March 1. Nominations should be sent in electronic format to the Awards Committee and should address the Award Description

Awardees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

BSW Field Excellence Award: Katrina Gainey 
MSW Field Excellence Award: Tasha Smith 
BSW Academic Excellence Award: Aimée Sykes
MSW Academic Excellence Award: Shawanda Erby 

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The National Social Work Honor Society, Phi Alpha, is an honor society for social work students who have achieved academic excellence.  Winthrop University is home to the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha.  Eligibility is determined during the Spring semester and qualified students will be notified via Winthrop e-mail in March. Phi Alpha has released updated Eligibility Criteria. Beginning in Fall 2019, requirements for Phi Alpha eligibility include:

1. Students need to have completed 9 credit-hours in Social Work.

2. Students must have completed 37.5% of the required coursework toward the degree (overall). Therefore,

  1. BSW Students must have earned at least 45 credits.
  2. Advanced Standing MSW Students must have earned at least 15 credits.
  3. Traditional MSW Students must have earned at least 23 credits.

3. Phi Alpha is no longer using a pre-determined GPA for membership qualification.  Phi Alpha now invites into membership students whose overall GPA is in the top 35% of all Social Work majors in your program. This means the top 35% of all BSW and all MSW students will be invited to join Phi Alpha.  

If you have questions about Phi Alpha please contact the Faculty Liason, Dr. Sara English.