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Social Work

Graduate Professional Certificate Program in Management

If you would like to apply your MSW expertise outside the realm of social work practice or tailor your skills to a specific career goal, you may want to consider the Graduate Professional Certificate Program in Management in the College of Business Administration. You can complete both your MSW degree in the Department of Social Work and the Certificate Program in the College of Business Administration during your designated program of study.


The Graduate Professional Certificate Program in Management will allow students enrolled in the MSW program at Winthrop University (both the full-time and part-time weekend programs) the opportunity to gain professional management and business skills suitable for managerial and administrative roles. Through skill-based learning and hands-on application, the curriculum prepares students for management positions by improving their knowledge and awareness of professional management duties, increasing opportunities for advancement, strengthening necessary communication skills for today's advanced society, and developing a big-picture view of professional management.


ThGraduate Professional Certificate Program requires the completion of 12 credit hoursfour 3-credit hour courses in accounting for managers, organizational behavior, human resource management, and ethicsfor a total of 4 courses. For a full list of courses, please visit the Graduate School's website.


For Additional Information Contact:

Duane Neff, PhD, MSW

Assistant Professor and Assessment Coordinator

Department of Social Work — Winthrop University


Last Updated: 8/20/20