Social Work

Student Learning Outcomes

The Department of Social Work is committed to assessment of the competencies of both the B.S.W. and M.S.W. Programs. The department considers assessment to be an ongoing and integral part of academic life. The department conducts assessments that measure the competencies of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Grad On StageThe Department of Social Work uses multiple measures in assessing student achievement of competencies. The department is committed to measuring academic success through the lens of students, practicum / field instructors, and professors. The current measures include: embedded measures, practicum / field evaluations, and self-efficacy reports. 

The Department of Social Work conducts assessment throughout the academic year. At the end of the year the Assessment Coordinator, along with the entire committee, analyze the data and produce a written report. Findings from the report are shared and discussed at the annual Department Retreat in August. The reports are then submitted to both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Council on Social Work Education as evidence of academic success and meeting accreditation standards.

2022-2023 Assessment Data

B.S.W. Program (pdf 252K)

M.S.W. Program (pdf 388K)

2021-2022 Assessment Data

B.S.W. Program (pdf 108KB)

M.S.W. Program (pdf 153KB)

2020-2021 Assessment Data

B.S.W. Program (pdf 66.9KB)

M.S.W. Program (pdf 92.3KB)

2019-2020 Assessment Data

B.S.W. Program (pdf 74.9KB) 
M.S.W. Program (pdf 69.9KB)

M.S.W. Full-Time (pdf 69.6KB)
M.S.W. Weekend (pdf 68.9KB)
M.S.W. Online (pdf 71.2KB)

2018-2019 Assessment Data

B.S.W. Program (pdf 57.5KB)
M.S.W Program (pdf 16.1KB)

M.S.W. Full-Time (pdf 16KB)
M.S.W. Weekend (pdf 15.9KB)
M.S.W. Online (pdf 16.4KB)

2017-2018 Assessment Data 

B.S.W. Program (pdf 57.5KB)
M.S.W. Program (pdf 25.2KB)

2016-2017 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 127 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 127 KB)               

 2015-2016 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 127 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 128 KB)

2014-2015 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 197 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 127 KB)

2013-2014 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 127 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 126 KB)

2012-2013 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 77 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 77 KB)

2011-2012 Assessment Data

B.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 78 KB)
M.S.W. PROGRAM (pdf 79 KB)


Future Opportunities for Excellence

The Department of Social Work recognizes the importance of reflection and growth in a changing world. As a result, the department is committed to a vision that is responsive to the complex needs of vulnerable populations at the local, national, and international levels. The following strategies highlight the ways in which the department envisions embracing future opportunities for excellence.

B.S.W. Program

  • Foster student research opportunities

  • Encourage students to embrace leadership opportunities

  • Mentor students in active participation at Social Work Legislative Day

M.S.W. Program

  • Foster faculty/student collaboration in research and publications

  • Encourage student presentations at professional conferences

  • Organize student advocacy strategies at Social Work Legislative Day