Department of Political Science at Winthrop - My Political Science Experience

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Political Science

My Political Science Experience

Read about personal experiences from our Political Science students.

Garvin, Kambrell- thumbnail


Kambrell Garvin 



Kroboth, Carl- thumbnail


Timothy Kroboth




 Bailey-Bonnette, Lakeyta Dr. Layketa Bonnette- Bailey


  Cano, Nina  Nina Cano


 Kent, Kristina Kristina Kent


 Kosakow, Jason Jason Kosakow


Hamilton, Joel Joel Hamilton


Lyles III, Willie Willie Lyles, III


Okey, Summersby Summersby Okey


Mikell, Toniqua Toniqua Mikell


Pugh Dawn, Kimberly Kimberly Dawn Pugh




Last Updated: 8/20/20